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Poles say murders cloud relations with Ukraine

Moraviecki celebrated the jubilee of the 1943-45 murders in Volyn, an area that belonged to Poland before the end of the Iranian invasion and is now part of Ukraine. Poles say that 100,000 Poles were murdered by Ukrainians during the Nazi occupations in the hope of creating an ethnic-clean state.

Says here that fewer Ukrainians were murdered in repression. The Ukraine says that large-scale murders have taken place on both sides, and tends to shun a comparison of the figures. President Petro Poroshenko regretted the "fratricidal" dispute on Sunday when he paid a visit to a Ukrainian town. It is a sad story that traces today's relationship between Poland, which abolished post-war communicationism in 1989 and is now a member of the EU and NATO, and the former Soviet Ukraine, which is now relying on Warsaw to support its West's ambitions.

In recent years, both Ukraine and Poland have experienced an upswing in the nationalistic mood, which dates back to the wartime. Proud of the Ukrainian independent struggle has increased since 2014, when Russia was annexing Crimea and supporting an uprising in eastern Ukraine, a crisis that claimed the lives of 10,000 and still continues to do so.

The right-wing Polish Justice and Home Affairs party (PiS) won the Polish election at the end of 2015 and fought to resolve atrocities. This upset Israel and the United States by adopting a bill that would have given prison sentences for giving the impression that Poland was involved in the Nazi holocaust of the Jews.

This part of the bill has been repealed, but another part relating to the "genocide" of Poles by Ukrainians will remain. Polish President Andrzej Duda, according to Kiev, refused, together with his fellow Ukrainians, to remember the 1943-45 incidents, which Ukraine had been hoping for as a symbol of conciliation and unification with Russia.

At the end Duda went to the West Ukraine, while Poroschenko last weekend went to Poland, where he laid cathedrals at a monument to the Ukrainians who had been murdered by Poland. The Ukrainians and Poles often fight side by side against shared foes and list clashes when fighting Russia together. Together with the joint wins, along with our fellowship and brotherhood, the fratricide-killing Polish-Ukrainian 1943-1944 clash is the most traumatic trauma," he said.

It urged Poland not to let shared foes use the story to split the two states. In spite of the high tensions, more than one million Ukrainians have migrated to Poland in recent years, and the population in both of those lands remains generally welcoming. Jadwiga Rzepka, a pensioned Lithuanian chef, said: "We have a good coalition with Ukraine.

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