Poipu Beach Kauai Hawaii

The Poipu Beach Kauai Hawaii

Cruise through a tree tunnel to reach the warm and beautiful southern shore of Kauai. Mahaulepu Coast near Poipu Beach is very popular with hikers. The Kauai is home to Poipu, one of the best beaches in the world. Peaceful, private retreat on the sunny south coast of Cauai. Situated on the sunny southern shore of Kauai, this relatively safe beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island.

Beach Poipu Kauai Hawaii

The Kauai is known for its lovely sands and Poipu is no different. The Travel Channel called it one of the "best beaches in America". Plus, many hawaiian attendees consequently listed Poipu as their favourite hawaiian beach. The Poipu beach provides a stunning landscape and a row of gold sickles of sandy; "going to the beach" in Poipu actually means going to two sands.

You will find a small sandy tongue (called tombola) that stretches from the bank towards an isle, thus forming two separated sands. The raffle is also a favourite meeting place for the threatened extinct Hwaiian monks sealed, as it is often seen here. One of the most sought-after sandy areas in Southern Cauai - with people visiting and sea life!

When you are looking for funny things at Poipu Beach, you will be glad to know that it is a great place for snorkelling, snowboarding and more. It is also an excellent place to lean back, unwind and observe the palms - a popular diversion for many Kauai-goers.

The Poipu Beach Park is located on the beach's easterly side, with lifeguards, pick nick desks, toilets and showers - so you can make your Poipu Beach trip an all-day outing. Are you looking for some great things on Kauai, then you've come to the right place. For Poipu Beach, take Lawai Road eastwards for about 2 mile back to Poipu.

The Lawai Rd. will melt into the Poipu Rd. Turn right onto Poipu Rd and continue eastwards. Just after the Poipu Shopping Village (on the left) there is a street called Hoowili Rd. on the right. It is the street that gives easy beach entrance.

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