Wellcome to the Poienita google satellite map! The Poienita Hotel is close to the research hotels. The Pensiunea Agroturistica Poienita is located in C?l??

ea and has a private beach. The best offers for Poienita in B?ile Felix. Wooden church in Poieni?a Voinii, Hunedoara district, Romania.

Oradea-Spa Resorts Hotel, Oradea-Spa Resorts Poienita Hotel

There are 158 rooms, 140 of which are double rooms, 14 single rooms and 4 suite rooms. In addition, the guesthouse has its own money change office and canteen. There is also a washing and dry cleaning services (with costs). There is also a parking lot (with costs).

Situated in the Baile Felix Reserve near the woods, this health resorts atmosphere is relaxed and within walking distance of the residence. There is a richly varied selection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners from the menus or à la cart.

Accommodation with breakfasts is also available. It has a medical center and provides aesthetic treatment with Aslavital/Gerovital skin care equipment and processes (for a fee). It has a saunas and massages are available to our clients (for a fee). Please note: We regularly refresh pictures, cards and description of hotels - it is the hotels own responsability to make sure that they are correct!

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Poienita Hotel

Kindly notice that for a kid under 12 years of age who is free when using available bedding, the meals must be provided (half board: breakfasts and dinners). Childrens from the age of 12 years must cover the full cost of the booking and the corresponding provision. The Poienita Hotel is 500 m from the center of Baile Felix and has rooms with private bathroom, a hotel dining room, a patio and a center of treatments with state-of-the-art equipment for hydromedicine, physical therapy and electric therapy.

Each room at the Hotel Poienita has a terrace, TV, private bathtub or showers and free toilet articles. Apollo' s 500-metre-apartment offers 50% off admission to the Apollo' SPAs.

There is also an à la carte dining area offering both local and foreign cuisines. Baile Felix railway station is 1 km away, the Oradea airport is 15 km away.

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