Places to Stay in Fiji Islands

Accommodation Fiji Islands

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Night life in Suva

It is often associated with recreation and generally does nothing but soak up the warmth of the ocean and cool off. However, when the day goes down, Fiji's partyers come to live, not as intensely as the Full Moon Party in Thailand or the Ibiza nightclubs, but enough to give us Gappians a good run and a crunch.

Most of the major nightclubs are located on the biggest of the islands, Viti Levu, in the major areas of Nadi and Suva. In the smaller islands you will find most of the night life within the boundaries of the area. The Suva is home to most pubs, especially near the Victoria Parade. One of the most beloved of all the traps in the world, with six in one, you can see why.

How did you know Fiji was the new Roswell? Further destinations in Suva are O'Reilly's, Signals Nightclub and Birdland R&B. At the opposite side of the island in Nadi is the famous Ed's Surfbar. In Nadi is also one of Fiji's newest opening nightclubs, the Ice Hotel is open from 6pm to 4am.

Usually the Fiji parties start at 10 pm. There are also Bounty Bar and Restaurants and Planters in Nadi. The Beachcomber has acquired a good name as a'party island'. Every evening Barefoot Bar has a DJ encircled by fire-eaters, dances, a limbos contest and Fiji's own "Bula Dance" - now we have to make a side trip from the Fiji nocturnal life to try to explain it.

Fiji's "Bula" means "hello" and is a term that many of the Fiji Gates arriving will imitate. Due to its touristic value, this non-traditional buula dancing has become a kind of insular attraction. It is used as an icebreaker to encourage the visitor to unwind and make new acquaintances.

Dancing is conducted by the'Bula Boys', a group of indigenous men who guide the crowds through the Macerena in a not too unlike dancing, where you perform a basic movement sequence - two paces to the lefthand side, two'Bula! Night life during the weeks is not as fierce as on most of the weekend nightclubs that close at night, but most stay open later on workdays.

You' ll be amazed to know that the night life scenes of short and flip-flop, with a clothing schedule usually needed in most places.

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