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The Meridien Bora Bora is an adventure. As soon as you leave the Aiport, a personal ferry will accompany you to the motel. Situated in a secluded part of the barriereiff. A doorman will meet you there and take all your things to the reception near the cafe.

The room waiters take the meals out of the canoes and place the small tables on the decks.

Whilst the seaside cottage does not have these conveniences, the waterside cottage (apart from higher costs) has only a few big drawbacks. Apart from the beaches vs. above the sea, the room is not as luxury as you might think. It is definitely classy, but there is a little design (perhaps usual for waterfront hotels).

All services and facilities at the hotel are first-class. Kayaking, snorkelling (including the famed turtle sanctuary ) and boating to the central islands are all part of the resort's complimentary services. Le Meridian Bora Bora Bora is a romance you will never ever get over.

Tahiti Moon - David Stanley

Most of the last three dozen years David Stanley has been on the streets. For the first year, his guides to the South Pacific, Micronesia, Alaska, Eastern Europe and Cuba opened these territories to independents. On his first Pacific journey in 1978, David purchased the longest flight ever purchased from Pan American Airways in Canada.

He began his writing careers as a travelling novelist with the correspondence he sent to Bill Dalton and Tony Wheeler, who were the trailblazers of budgetary trips to Asia in the 1970'. Also, the creator of Moon Fiji and Moon South Pacific, David is enjoying getting mails from those who have used his leaders.

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