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Sights in Guam

Watch a magic show on Encore! We have a lot to do as single travellers, as a couple or as a family. Nowadays the island is a US territory, with many US citizens on the mainland who choose Guam as a visa-free way to enjoy the Pacific. Like many in Pleasure Island, this room has a view of the water. Travel along the sweeping coast of Guam on board a state-of-the-art amphibious vehicle for a special view of the island.

People of Guam in 48 hours: Thirteen Funny things to see and do

US soil, known as Guam, is only a leap away from Japan. Much like Hawaii, this little piece of heaven has all the French and tropic charm you may be looking for. A lot of folks come here on a week-end, so they only have 48 hrs to get to know Guam.

If you find yourself on this enchanting isle for a few nights, here are the best things you can do when your Guam trip is over. Can' t go to an insular land like Guam and can' go to a bath. The water is also unbelievably clear, so you can see the marine world.

There is much to discover here, from the port of Apra, where World War I and World War II vessels sank on top of each other, to Gun Bay. The temperature remains the same all year round - in the 70' and 80', so every night is a beachside one!

But if you really Guam for the heaven that it is, just hiring or renting a ride to take you to the Shark's Cove. You' re gonna get peckish while in Guam sometime. Be sure to try some Chamorro-Mood. They are the indigenous peoples of Guam and their meals are the ideal mixture of Mediterranean and Asiatic cuisine.

You' re gonna wish all your US foods were this good. I would be careless not to push you to try kelaguens, which is a little like cevich. Loaded objects are everywhere and you will find things you would never count on in Guam, like mangoes and papaya.

The Tumon is not a very passable part of Guam, but neither is the other. However, there are countless places where you can go by cars. Inarajun Falls, Talofofo Caves, Gadao Caves and Fai Fai beach are some of the most open walking areas for any traveller.

And even if you are in California and watch breathtaking dusk every single night, nothing is more magnificent than dusk in Guam. Better yet, have a drink and you're in total paradise. On Guam Islands paradise, your sea adventure will probably take you to amazing living musicals.

Lakeside pubs and barbeques attract with vivid reggae-sounds and perfect chill-music. Guam's southerly highlands are very sparsely populated. Guam's folks are among the kindest you'll ever encounter. Entire neighbourhoods often gather once a month to eat and drink together and have a great time.

He who loves feasts will like Guam. If you ask for a boner in Guam, you don't get a soda. The Chamorro of antiquity made these interesting columns of rocks and mountains, which have become a landmark for the area. It is where you can get many genuine on-site crafts for keepsakes, plus you get to get to stupidly devour yourself of all that nutrition.

Ascending this hill will give you the award of a man who has ascended the highest hill in the world. When you thought Mount Everest was the greatest, Guam has something to say. Finally, you can witness Chamorro's initial experiences of what Guam was like 500 years ago.

Guam on your hitlist already? So, what would you do first if you came to Guam?

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