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Traveling to Samoa is easy, relatively cheap and worthwhile for a holiday in the tropics. Located in the village of Lotofaga, Samoa. So, where do you want me to go in between?

Oh, the places you're going with Polynesian Xplorer.

Do you fancy an acquaintance with mussels or tortoises? What about exploring Upolu's'Northern Secrets' or meet local people in Samoa's busy city? The Polynesian Xplorer are the guide for you if this seems like your kind of outing. Polyneisan Xplorer offers trips to the most famous Samoan sights like the coast of Aleipata and the blowsholes of Taga and lets its visitors enjoy the "real Samoa" through markets, galleries and other less well-known sights.

The Polynesian Xplorer crew brought a group of 20 Scottish visitors to Manamea Art Studios in Vaigaga today. According to the painter and co-proprietor of the studios, Nikki Mariner-Peseta, everyone liked the film. It also offers longer everlasting "Xperiences" that combines sight-seeing, activity, interaction with local people, lodging and transportation. When you plan your first or next journey to Samoa, visit their website!

Or, if you fancy a new work of artwork for your home or business, or a nice Tattoos, learn more about Manameaudio.

Abundant culture and unspoilt countryside in Samoa

Located in the centre of Polynesia, the Samoa isles are the ideal place for the tropic flight of your dream. This unspoilt South Pacific land, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, offers unbelievable ocean angling, intriguing local cultures, beautiful sandy shores, gleaming rain forests and much more.

Beyond the South Pacific's characteristic touristic sites, discover this seductive and unexplored area. A welcoming traveler' s haven, Samoa attracted Scotland's Robert Louis Stevenson in the 1890s. The Samoa consists of 10 relaxing archipelagos - the two most important are Upolu and Savai'i.

The 180,000 inhabitants of Samoa are living on the five populated Samoan isles, with the greatest focus on the welcoming Upolu, which is home to the busy South Seas city of Apia, the capitol. Samoan islets are all shrouded in luxuriant flora, with a rugged innermost and sunny coastline. Discover the real South Pacific beuatifulness.

Old and Tradicional CultureSamoa is regarded as the birth place of Polish civilization with a tradicional community ruled by "Fa'a Samoa" (the Samoan way) - where the dedication to the Samoan people and the reverence of the oldest is in the foreground. Most of its tradition is unspoilt and exciting arts and crafts activities are well deserved.

Visit a Fiafia night and experience a festival of Samoan civilization. You' ll see a folkloric show with wonderful music, charming dancing and a fire-blasting game. The Samoans enjoy eating, and you will too when you see the island's crisp and inspiring food. There is no journey to Samoa without a visit to the colorful market.

Explore the Appia stores, which sell a glittering selection of delicious fruit and vegetable, and gnaw on some of Samoan's boiled favorites. A lot of Samoan tourists see the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. Untouched rain forests, breathtaking falls and glittering lakes provide a perfect environment for exploring it. Go on luxuriant paths for nice walks, gaze into extinguished volcanos and bathe with tortoises in glittering tropic water.

There are extraordinary caverns for cave dives and amazing waterfalls. Immerse yourself under the sea and discover Samoa's submarine beauties, where you will see a colorful sea world. Hike or bike through scenic inland towns and play a round of golf on one of Samoa's favourite greens.

Enjoy a Samoan windsurfing adventure that blends the Indonesian sophistication with the brute force of Hawaii. South Pacific water is butterily hot and meets brilliant amounts of clean sandy water on the unbelievable coasts of Samoa. Samoa's radiant sandy beach offers stunning vistas and extends for kilometres in some places.

Leave the well-trodden paths and make a Samoa journey now - a wonderful experience is waiting for you!

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