Pictures of Auckland new Zealand

Auckland New Zealand pictures

One more great shot from the beaches west of Auckland. Up to 10 Picture Perfect Bridges in New Zealand The New Zealand brillant bridge! It would take us forever to get along without a bridge with so many New Zealand mountains. There are several worthwhile visits from the bridge to nowhere in the centre of the Whanganui Forest to the 1km long Auckland Bridge.

In this sense here are some of New Zealand's most beautiful New Zealand footbridges! Twenty BIG Things in New Zealand, or how about these lonesome light houses in quaint places? Knight Architect, the New Zealand architect's office, created the "Fishhook of Pohe" in Maori. View this in Whangarei, the centre of the Northland area.

More activities in Whangarei can be found at Whangarei - Guide for Backpackers. Embedded in the Hooker Valley, yes one reads the name right, the hiking trails around Mt Cook provide two fantastic revolving footbridges with spectral mountains. Located on the award-winning New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, this footbridge is a high point of the hike.

Concealed in the breath-taking Kawarau gorges, this is the birth place of merchant bungee diving and has established Queenstown's fame as the "adventure capital of the world". Utilize the revolving viaduct to traverse the breath-taking milk bluish Hokitika Gorge. There are even some who are even tried to get into the pool!

There is no street accessible from this historical rain forest viaduct. It is 1km long and connects Auckland to North Shore. If you decide on a bungee leap from the gangway, you get a nice look at the town.... while you shout with all your heart!

The longest in New Zealand is 1.8 km long! As in Hokitika Gorge, a revolving viaduct traverses the pulsating water of the Haast River Pools! With a length of 152 meters, the Arapuni Sweeping Brigde is the city' s major tourist attractions! After crossing this huge viaduct, you will see the river Waikato and the hydroelectric dam.

Arapuni Swing Bridge is part of the Waikato River Trails for hikers and cycling.

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