This forecast shows the local time for Phitsanulok. The city of Phitsanulok lies along the Nan River and the Bangkok-Chiengmai Railway. Find bus schedules, compare prices and book unlimited bus tickets to Phitsanulok. Use the list and search functions below to find hotels in Phitsanulok. The Phitsanulok office is located in Thailand with the iata code PHS and the icao code VTPP.

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Phitsanulok (or P'Lok for short), an old center of Thai civilization and policy along the Nan River, is today a bustling, vibrant town and one of the major province caps.

Phitsanulok (or P'Lok for short), an old center of Thai civilization and policy along the Nan River, is today a bustling, vibrant town and one of the major province caps. Whilst most travelers see it only through the windows of a coach or railroad, those who get off find enough to do and feed for a sound rest from the footpath.

The Khmer tribe inhabited the area as early as the tenth cent. Sukhothai' s capitol was relocated here in the mid-13th centuries, and the Ayutthaya empire made Phitsanulok its temporary capitol about a hundred years later.

In 1775 the town was still a strategical defence post during several Burmese wars. Naresuan, one of the most venerated monarchs in Thai evolution, was borne in Phitsanulok in 1555. Visiting his birth place in Wang Chan Palace, you can see mural paintings showing pivotal moments of his live in Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, which also contains an excellent 700 year old Buddha picture.

Although a few other old monuments are spread throughout the province capitol (Phitsanulok), today it is a contemporary town center with busy roads bordered by concrete shops, some large stores and often not so large hotel complexes. A number of colleges keep the vibrant athmosphere alive, especially on Ong Dam Road, and a long boardwalk along the shore provides a break.

Phitsanulok, with its 85,000 inhabitants, is an important traffic junction thanks to its position between the north, the centre and the northeast. When you arrive by rail and travel to Sukhothai, it is easy to take a local coach or touk touc across the cities. Phitsanulok is mainly made up of western paddy paddies, but becomes hilly on the way to Loei and Phetchabun in the south.

When it' s on your side, we believe Phitsanulok is definitely a good place to stay for at least one night, thanks to its wealth of tourist amenities and genuine Thai ambience. Near the Nan River, Phitsanulok is a fairly large town with several different parts. The railway lines run through the center from west to west, with the railway and an adjoining roundabout forming the core of the town.

The bustling Naresuan Road leads directly westwards to a viaduct, while the Thotsarot Road leads northeast and northward. Price-conscious travelers often decide to spend their holidays near the railway stations. Ahead of Hwy 12 (aka Mittraphap Road), the major road from western to eastern, inside and outside the capital, lies the large Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat in the northwestern part of the capital, close to the riverbank and a fistful of mid- to upper-class hotel segments.

From here it is a 15 minute walking distance to the railwayhof. There is a boardwalk along the Kon Rak Sukhap Road for one kilometre along the easterly banks of the stream, at the south foothills of which there is a large overnight shed. The Phra Ong Dam Road continues eastwards on the eastside of the route and is home to innumerable small pubs, eateries and an outstanding overnight shopping mall.

Soi Thip Saena is a small alley from here, which leads 1.5 km further eastwards to the coach terminal, which can also be accessed via Highway 12. For information and map coverage of the area, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has a very good offices on Borom Trailokkanat Road, a few steps west of the riverbank and a few miles to the south of Naresuan Road.

Also there are some cybercafés, among them K&G Internets on Soi Thip Saena and My Coffee (mainly a café, but with some computers) on the waterfront, just off Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat. In Phitsanulok there are half a half tens of clinics, the best of which is Bangkok Hospital on Phra Ong Dam Rd. near the Nightr.

There is a pro-vincial policing centre on Naresuan Road, just south of the Naresuan Road and a few blocs south of the town.

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