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The Norfolk Island of isolation, wildness, mystery and murder. For archive employees only Cause, T; (2014)'Dark Paradise: The past of Norfolk Island has been misrepresented and misunderstood over the years, especially with regard to the prison colony in service between 1825 and 1855. On the front page, Norfolk Island is claimed to be "more prominent than ever", while the writer observes elsewhere that he was hoping to continue writing the "final history" of Norfolk Island's "terrible past (and present)".

There is little new or not yet fully described, but also much that is either false, founded on confined research, or founded on doubt.

CHRISTIAN:: Inside History Magazine: Darkles Paradies - Norfolk Island by Robert Macklin

Writer Robert Macklin has successfully interwoven the tales of the New South Wales colony, the story of Norfolk Island and the Bounty mutineer covenant. It' a wealth of materials that other authors have taken up, but Macklin sheds new light on each. Openly, he calls most rebels an unappetizing heap.

In particular Matthew Quintal, the man who burned the Bounty after the mutinescents set themselves down on the island of Pitcairn, is probably right to call him a "bat".

Hotel & Resort Paradise - Norfolk Island

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The nearest airport: From the nearest beach: The nearest public transport: Info Restaurant: The Garden ", our in-house Ristorante, offers tasty seasonsal meals with regional cuisine. Barbecue room with bath suitable for wheelchairs, handrails in the showers and next to the toilett.

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