Paparoa National Park

Poparoa National Park

The Paparoa National Park is located on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Activities, activities and backpacker hostels in Paparoa National Park and Punakaiki, New Zealand. The Paparoa National Park offers a wide range of hotels to save you a lot of money! Discover Punakaiki & Paparoa National Park holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. The Paparoa National Park is home to Pancake Rocks, Dolommte Point and Blowholes.

Excursions on the west coast

Paparoa National Park, founded in 1987, is perhaps best known for the pancake rocks and shrinkage of Dolomite Point, near the small Punakaiki town. Paparoa Range is a spectacular setting for the park; it is made of old stone that has been gradually transformed by the glaciers into its present rough shape.

It is the source of most parts of the park and is the cause of the area's astonishing land forms - high coastlines, imposing gorges, fragile caves and the strange "stack of pancakes" coastlines for which the area is so famous. The park's flora is diverse due to its gentle climates and high fruitfulness.

Westland Petrel/Titi is the only known place in the whole wide globe where these digging sea birds nest. The Paparoa National Park is situated in the southern part of the west coast of the Sicily. It is situated on the beautiful SH6 between the cities of Westport, 55 km from Punakaiki and Greymouth, 43 km southwards.

Westport is 55 km from the closest regular flight aerodrome. Paparoa National Park's weather is generally moderate and in winters the snows never reach the lower parts of the park. Some routes may include crossing rivers, so it is important to find out about the latest stream condition before the trekk.

Most of the interior of the park is rugged and unspoilt, with the added risk of concealed pits and caves. When using the rail system in the park for night rides, make sure you are well equiped, well groomed and stick to the routes.

Paparoa National Park weathers - Buller countryside prediction. Find out about current meteorological and route information in the visitors' center. Visit the Visitors Center and see what Punakaiki has to offers. Hiking, meteorological and route information, preservation supplies and service, as well as visitors' reservations and bookings for their accomodation, activities and transportation needs.

There is a handicraft store and café next to the Visitors Center, and there is a large selection of accommodations in Punakaiki. There' s no gas stations in Punakaiki, so be sure to refuel your car in Westport or Greymouth.

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