Papageno Resort Kadavu

Kadavu Papageno Resort

Reserve Papageno Resort & enjoy no hotel booking fees and the lowest price guaranteed! With Kadavu's most stylish bouer and carefully crafted ambience, this is the most environmentally friendly resort on the island. Only accessible by boat, discover this remote South Pacific oasis on Malawai Bay on the north coast of Kadavu. The Papageno Resort is a small intimate beach resort in Malawai Bay on the north coast of Kadavu. The access is only possible by boat to increase the intimacy of this resort.

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Kadavu's most classy bouer and meticulously finished ambiance make this environmentally friendly resort the most beautiful on the Isle. It has a large sandy and spacious sandy and hammock-laden sandy beaches surrounded by the five Ocean Boers for teenage family. There' is something for everyone - among them a Royal Boer with 12 places for company recreation and a "children's house" with cuisine for very young groups - and four garden rooms, each of which shares a separate level with a twin bed and a two-berth.

Each office is equipped with Pacific Green quality leathers, spacious duvets and lovely bathroom. In the cosy head offices, lunches and dinners are served according to the wishes of the group.

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The Papageno Resort to Falls - Kadavu, Fiji

At Papageno Resort on the island of Kadavu, Fiji. From Papageno Resort to the falls in the hilly areas just south of Kadavu Island, the walk is a sharp ascent through dense rain forest, but on a well-marked trail not quite 3 mile. Since it is Fiji, it has been raining almost certainly lately!

Swimming under the falls (the highest is about 20 ft high) provides a fresh bath after a difference in altitude of about 650 ft. Ask Papageno's kind employees to guide you to the starting point of the trails!

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