Palliser Islands

The Palliser Islands

Macatea, southwest of the Palliser Islands, is one of three large phosphate rocks in the Pacific. The Palliser Islands is a group of atolls within the Tuamotu archipelago, in French Polynesia. Pallis Islands or Palliser are a subgroup of the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. That island looks nice from above, but wait till you see what's on the surface. It' in the Palliser Island group, northeast of Tahiti.

Pallis Islands, France Polynesia

Pallis Islands is a group of plains within the Tuamotu archipelago, in France-Polynesia..... Fakarava and Rangiroa are the major islands of this group. In 1774, Captain James Cook was the first European to see the Palliser Islands. After Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser. The islands consist of three administrative municipalities: Arutua, Fakarava and Rangiroa.

Arutua consists of Apataki and Kaukura Atolle. Fakarava consists of Toau, Niau and Fakarava. Rangiroa consists of Rangiroa, Tikehau and Mataiva. Get your remote-bustickets! When you plan to take the buses to Malaysia and Singapore, you can now buy your coach passes directly from Coach Online Ticket, where you can view the timetable and ticket prices of various coach-operators.

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The Tropical Landscape, Tikehau, Palliser Islands, Polynesia in France.....

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That island looks nice from above, but just sit tight until you see what's on the top.

When your imaginary holiday is part oceans and part lagoons, you can choose your favorite spot as a sumptuous tropical isle with a huge central lagoon. Here are some of the best places to stay. It' Tikehau, an apocalypse in Polynesia, France. Atlantis means an annular islet made of corals. It' in the Palliser Iceland group, northeastern of Tahiti.

Almost the whole Tikehau lies directly on the waterside. There are only 300 inhabitants living on Tikehau and almost all work in the Pearl Beach Resort. It can be reached via Tikehau airport or a longer cruise by ferry.

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