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Between Kapaa and Lihue on the east coast of the beautiful island of Kauai lies the Pahio Kauai Beach Villas. The PAHIO Resort rents and sells. The Pahio in Bali Hai Villas. In Pahio Bali we own Hai Villas. Two of Pahio Resorts, Inc.

develops, operates and maintains resorts on the Hawaiian islands of Kauai and Makai.

Kauai Beach VIllas---Relaxation at it's best - Looking back at Kauai Beach Villas, Lihue, HI

I' ve been staying at Gold Crown Estates before and there is no way to evaluate this as Gold Crown. At the check-in at the airfield we were informed that our room is on the top with a view of the lake. Just think of our astonishment when we got there to find out that we had a room on the groundfloor with a view of the park.

KBV employees had a very, "too good, so sorry for you" approach that told me that I had to call RCI to fix our room. As my man went back to the workroom, he was somehow able to take us away from the basement, but still with a view of the park.

The employees did leave much to be desired. Well, they did. As we asked the reception how to get to a Kapaa restuary, we were asked they didn't know and we had to ask someone else. While we were phoning a telephone number, we were informed that we should use the telephone log.

It' not the kind of services I'd want from a golden estate. There is a welcoming and welcoming terrain, with a hammock facing the sea, the swimming pools are hot and more than just a round concrete pit in the floor, and the personnel are friendly and supportive.

So what's Pahio?

Since July 2006, the Kauai-based companies Pahio Resorts, Inc. and Pahio Vacation Ownership, Inc. Wyndham Resorts, a Wyndham Worldwide Corporation affiliate. So what's Pahio? The Pahio is a small timesharing corporation (purchased by Wyndham) comprising six timesharing condominiums and residential resorts on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Pahio Resorts' nurturing personnel have been serving the needs of Kauai time share holders with kindness and care for over 20 years, using its small footprint for the convenience of its owner and tenants. The Pahio is a one-of-a-kind group of holidaymakers, as their philosophies are the concept of "Ohana" or "family" in Hawaii.

Pahio timehare resellers - and even those who just hire Pahio timehares - come to see themselves as part of a real home when they go on holiday at one of the Pahio Estates complex. Since Pahio only constructs and operates Kauai Villas, its real estate reflects a degree of diligence and design that was unparalleled in the design of the Village at the moment of its creation.

Environmental conservation remains the main objective of the Kauai Timesharing Group and its holding company Wyndham. Indeed, Pahio's styling philosophies are to "add, rather than distract, from the area' and every resorts and condominium communities is designed to interact with and cause minimum damage to the environment.

Wyndham's acquisition of Pahio has not affected the accuracy or accuracy with which Pahio handles its intermittent use. Wyndham's commitment to Pahio has opened the doors to many new possibilities for Pahio time shareholders. The Pahio spacings are now interchangeable via Wyndham's in-house database of nearly 200 objects around the world.

And Pahio Wyndham Estates have maintained their RCI membership and opened the door to hundreds of other great destinations in more than 100 worldwidewide! To find out more about Pahio Timesharing, fill out the following information or call one of our timesharing professionals at 1-877-815-4227 for more information.

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