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PBOGO Pago Currency

The port of American Samoa, Pago Pago, is like on the American mainland. USD currency is the payment method. Cheapest and easiest way to find the best prices on flights from Penang to Pago Pago. Helpful information, statistics and facts about flights from Penang to Pago Pago. Pick-up your rental car directly from Pago Pago Airport.

For Pago Pago Airport (PPG) Currency Exchange, Banks & ATM machines

This is a complete listing of currency exchanges, cash machines and bank offices in Pago Pago Flughafen (PPG). The Pago Pago Airfield (PPG) is an American Samoa Pago Port, USA. It is situated about 11.3 km south-west of the Pago Pago downtown commercial area, in the town of Tafuna on the Isle of Tutuila in American Samoa, an uncorporated area of the United States.

Have a look at the Pago Pago International Pago Station (PPG) maps to get the addresses and how to get to/from the Aiport.

Pago Pago Terminal Bureau de Change & Cash Machinery Port

In the near town of Pago Pago there are most likely bureaux de currency. You can use our Port of Pago Terminal Currency Currency Exchange Calculator to calculate the US Dollar (USD) currency conversion rate of Port of Pago Pago Terminal. In the port of Pago Pago Terminal in American Samoa, the currency used is the US dollar, or US dollar for short.


You can pay for your accomodation and other service with one of these means of payment: You will receive a printed version of a fiscal file (certificate) containing your name or the name of the comany. Payments can be made in CZK or any other important currency (e.g. Euro, US Dollar) in applicable and actual currency of the day.

This method of paying is recommended and preferred when paying the down payments, before arriving at group´s or during the high time. If you pay in another currency from world´s (e.g. Euro, US-Dollar), the system converts the amount in CZK using the exchange rates of the day.

You can also have the bill printout for your own use. If you book a longer holiday or in the high seasons, we will be able to book the bill in advanced. In most cases, however, the bill will be issued at the moment of your departures. It' always important to let us know in writing how the bill should be made out.

Your information about you or your business must be in writing. When you request specific wording, information or text in the bill, this must be notified before the bill is printout. We' ll immediately printout the bill and return it to you by e-mail and post (or only by post).

Unless otherwise arranged, the bill is due within 14 acres. Besides the information on the bill (name, adress, accountnumber and banking details) you will also find our other identifying data: Due to the instable and unfavourable exchange rates of CZK, this means of paying is temporarily not available.

Please use other means of payments.

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