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Scenic Pago cable car

Testimonials - Samoa - President Johnson Visits - Videoclip - Contact - Private Cable car. An asphalted road behind the library winds its way to the former cable car station on Solo Hill. Climb Solo Hill to the top of Mount Alava opposite Pago Pago Harbour. That a cable car cable in the last, or what? This photo was taken at the destination of Pago Pago in the area of American Samoa.


P-3 Orion made two overflights over the Fagatogo times at 9:53 a.m. and dropped six parachutists from the Army's Tropical Lightning Parachute Society in Hawaii to the joy of several thousand people. In the third run, the four-engine plane hit the long tram cable between Mount Alava and Solo Hill, turned off to port and fell into the small courtyard next to the western part of the building.

Immediately the aircraft went up in smoke and wrecked the whole 78-room building of the 186-rooms-hostel. The damage was assessed by Tony Brown, management of the hospital. Said the hotel's coffeeshop was also affected by the fire, but would be up and running within a few working hours.

Tragedy of the Alava tram or cable car USA-Samoa

Travelled eastwards and westwards to the historical town of Leone and the mystic hamlet of Vaitogi, and eastwards, where the picturesque hamlet of Vatia and the picturesque town of Aoa seemed to embrace the overall beauty of the Polish town of American Samoa. It was shocking when our trip took us to Mauga o Alii, where the tram that traversed the Pago Pago Bay aroused a profound feeling of old-fashionedness, a mix of good memories and a memory of a trauma that caused a strong feeling of bereavement in my mind as an eighteen-year-old Fagaitua High School elder," he said,

who, among the many pupils of primary and secondary school, knew nothing of the disaster that transformed the most famous historical events of our administration - Flags Day - since it became known as the territory of American Samoa. The tramway was to be remembered as a place full of good memoirs with my grandpa, the deceased Saofolau Popese Malemo, who was an engineering tramman.

From the Mauga o Alii side I drove with him to Mount Alava when I was just nine years old. When the tramway was constructed in the town of Atu'u, my grandpa said, the cable cars were heavily-lift. Those cables were hard and any failure could cause a terrible tragedy.

Remembering how he barely got away from being squashed by the big plane when one of the wires tore while pulling up Mount Alava, his closest colleague and colleague was not so happy; his colleague was squashed to death by the big plane. It was also the tragedy that ruined the legendary Rainmaker Hôtel, the first American Samoa resort.

There was a new incident planned before the parade, when the Master of Ceremonies indicated that some paratroops would be parachuted in the centre of Malae o le Talu to honour the American Samoa children who serve in the armed forces. There were three paratroops coming from Malae o le Talu and ending up above some homes above Fagatogo and in the mountains.

With an almost uncanny tranquillity, our eyes immediately turned to the harbour of Pago Pago, where the plane carrying the paratroops made a low-level flight over the sea between the altitude of Mount Alava and the harbour of Mauga o Alii Tramway.

The plane was flying in slowness between two wires as the plane's tail rudder was cut off and bent off. In the Malae o le Talu the masses of people ran in all directions. In the past, the clapping that fulfilled the Malae o le Talu was now substituted by screams of anxiety and mayhem.

Rusty tram conditions, the vineyards that grow above the cable car iron deck, the lack of a tram deck, the cable break at the roadside, the monument to the loss of life were full of mossy and shattered color, and the rubbish above the side sent a strong signal that we had forgot the memories of what ours made.

Trams are an important part of the story concealed in the textbooks and the monument to the people who died must not be overlooked. The following must happen: a) the tram car and the Mauga o Alii building must be retained as a state heritage; b) the monument must be retained as a state heritage; and c) the Mauga o Alii Trail must be maintained and recorded as a touristic area.

May God save American Samoa.

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