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Samoa Pago Airport Inn American

Airport Inn in Pago Pago, Eastern Tutuila, categorised as a hotel in Pago Pago, AS. The Pago Airport Inn, Pago Pago: Join Sadie Thompson Inn Book a hotel near Pago Pago Airport online and save money. The Pago Airport Inn is a large two-storey concrete building in the centre of the village of Tafuna, two kilometres from the airport. Are you looking for a hotel suite in American Samoa?

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Favourably situated, 3 min from Pago Pago International Airport. Get out of the airport. Turn right at the stoplight. McDonald's on the lefthand side - make a turn to the lefthand side. Continue along this street all the way back. Watch out for our signposts along the roads.

When you reach our last poster, turn to your lefthand into the street. You will see the Pago Airport Inn. It is served every breakfast on the upper floor of the Pago Airport Inn. HOTEL-FACILITIES & SERVICES: Faxes, photocopies, internet connection and linen service are available.

When you fly to or from Pago Pago airport or just pick someone up from their plane to Pago Pago, you will find all the latest information you need from Pago Pago airport.

When you are travelling from or to Pago Pago Airport or just pick someone up from their plane to Pago Pago, you will find all the latest information you need from Pago Pago Airport. Get itineraries, airport information and location data for Pago Pago Airport and airline itineraries.

Airport near Pago Pago: Every airport in American Samoa.

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From the Turtle and Shark Lodge. 12 air-conditioned rooms with TV and communal bathroom are less expensive for a two or more night accommodation, breakfasts only. The well-preserved two-story edifice looks out over a loud motorway, so ask for one of the five rooms at the back if you' re bothered by heavy inconvenience. While you're at it, try to get one away from the comedy at the end of the dorm.

Adjoining restaurants / bars under the same kind direction serve delicious and cheap American and Mexican cuisine. The Falepule Lodge, high above the Matafao Primary School just south of Faga'alu Hospitals, has four air-conditioned rooms with bathroom and breakfasts. You have to hire a vehicle if you want to remain here (dogs are guarding the sharp approach road).

The Pago Airport Inn is a large two-storey cement block in the centre of the town of Tafuna, two kilometres from the airport. Twenty air-conditioned rooms with bathroom, refrigerator and TV are fine for one and a half nights, but eating can be a challenge as there is no kitchen in the rooms and no restaurante.

There are three air-conditioned suites with kitchen and cable/DVD TV in a long building at the western end of the take-off and landing strip. Contiguous breakfasts and airport transfer are provided. Maliu Mai Beach Resort is located next to the airstrip at Freddie's Beach in Fogagogo, one kilometer from the airport Ili' ili-river.

Four air-conditioned rooms with bathroom are located in a timber structure above the cafe. Ch√Ęteau Lutu-Drabble runs Ta'alolo Lodge, a B&B just a few walking steps from the Ili'ili golf course. The two storey home has five air-conditioned rooms with bathroom, refrigerator and TV. The price includes the Continent breakfasts and you can order it.

He is very familiar with Samoan civilization and can help you with your music. Tessarea's Vaitogi Inn, off the Vaitogi course (Tafuna Bus), has eight air-conditioned rooms with TV on the ground floor and five holiday flats on the upper floor. The breakfast is free and you can use the shared cooking area to make your own supper.

This two-storey, rose-coloured inn is located opposite a large indoor and outdoor area. Turtle and Shark Lodge is more secluded and offers a view of Larsen Bay two kilometres from Vaitogi. There are 10 air-conditioned rooms with TV and refrigerator in two two-storey houses, ranging from seven with common bathrooms to three with en-suite bathrooms. Includes breakfast, but other food is not provided and there are no local bars.

Tutuila's lodges are in the most stunning locations, high above a dark sand dunes with a blast hole at the bottom of the resort. There is a beautiful, abandoned sandy area on Fogama'a Cove, half an hour's walk behind the Iodge. A free airport transfer is offered.

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