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While I was backpacking across the South Pacific Islands, I spent almost a month in Samoa. Australia and the Pacific /; American Samoa /; Hotels /; Sadie Thompson Inn.

Say, Sadie Thompson is a legendary name in American Samoa. of Pacific's best-known and most respected executives. of the Pasefika Inn in Matautu.

The Aggie Grey is a fabulous inn.

The Aggie Grey's Hotel in Apia, the capitol of the Polynesia state of West Samoa, is a generational saga among South Pacific travellers for its phenomenal informal and friendly service, not to speak of the diversity of visitors, who can go from an embassy to a trumpeted - but college-trained - Samoan boss in the city in the shop or on vacation.

Approximately a decennium ago, the government of Western Samoa released a postage stamps, one of a tourist promotion campaign, with a painting of Mrs Grey and her quaint, old-fashioned main house, a symbol at the east end of the sweeping Apira River. This brand gave free publicity to the institution already known in the South Seas.

Now there are newer four-star Apia properties, but many of those who land at the harbour's central jetty are still thwarting the bill for Aggie's, which is only a few paces away. This includes expert insular officers, embassies, diplomats, academics, authors, businessmen and others who arrive at Faleolo airport, 26 nautical leagues away, near the west end of Upolu, one of the two major archipelagoes in the west of Samoa.

Immediate comradeship is part of the charms that have pulled back to Aggie Grey's Hotel for generation of South Pacific travellers. If a Samoan wood barrel rats call the guest to dinner, you never know where or with whom you will eat, because the airy Samoan waiter set the guest according to their own inclinations.

The waiter serves the meals from serving plates containing a choice of Polynesian, Chinese and West dishes, and invites all three to try them. On the ground floor, the ground floor is open on three sides for the sea breeze directly opposite the Beach Road, the city' s major road, where the whole Apia meets in the evenings.

Happy Samoan barmaids, who blend and service the beverages, soon learn the nicknames of a new arriver and can even welcome a new arriver with a fun punch on the back. Some years ago, Aggie Grey herself, who often views the scenes from a footstool at the small counters, handed over the real direction of the house to her boy Alan.

This inn is the epitome of a past epoch in the South Seas and retains the atmosphere of the past, but with contemporary conveniences such as air conditioning. Mrs. Grey, the daugther of a Samoan marrying a Samoan, designed the motel from a beach of sandwiches for US soldiers who had been based in Western Samoa during the Second World War.

This d├ęcor is purely South Pacific Art Deco. Woodcarvings and shell decorations on the outer wall and columns are a mix of Polish and Melanesic motifs that cannot be identified with any particular isle. The more expensive lodgings are in the houses with straw rooftops, which are based on the Samoan tradition, or finale (sounds like folly).

On the one hand, the old building's refectory, which also houses the entrance hall, offers a view of the port of Apia and a maze of lush greenery in other direction. It is not room-catering. Aggie Grey's prices are a good deal. The rooms are $46 singles or $69 doubles, which includes all the food, and this schedule is advised as Apia is not known for good cuisine.

The price per unit is $35 and the price is $43. Tipping is not recommended as it is against the Samoan traditions of accommodation. There is a cafeteria and long buffets inside for the almost nocturnal Fifia or Samoan festival. One of the generous self-service dishes is the popular Samoan meal known as the samoan meal of fine minced young tarot and creamy castor beans cooked in part of the leaves of the bank.

Others indigenous foods are sucking pork fried in an earthen stove, a juicy indigenous shrimp, fried freshwater seafood, fried tartar - the bulbous basic foodstuff of Polynesia - fried breadfruits and a wealth of delicious tropic fruits. A group of young choristers and dances will entertain you in the evenings, who have been enlisted by Aggie from the town in front of the camp.

When Aggie is in the city, she appears again and again in her usual blooming Samoan dress, the long Samoan dress, and accompanies the female performers on a few strides of the vivid Siva-siva, the provoking regional variation of the Hula of Hawaii. She is still a beautiful lady at 84 - and is still known by vintage cars in the South Pacific as the ruling beauty of Apia in her childhood.

When you go to West Samoa, R.L. Stevenson Plgrimage West Samoa, which achieved New Zealand independence in 1962, is best known as the final home and hometown of Robert Louis Stevenson, the writer of Treasure Island. "The Samoans named him Tusitala, or Plate of Tales. Stevenson's new museum and Stevenson's home, Vailima (now the formal home of the leader of West Samoa), are just a brief ride from Apia.

Apia's peninsula, named after the town of Apia, is rich in fine sandy and sandy areas. From Honolulu, 2,200 northeast, Westsamoa can be accessed via South Pacific lsland Airways (phone 800-367-5396), which will fly to Pago-Pago in American Samoa, about 100 leagues away, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Apia in Western Samoa is served by connection services throughout the whole fortnight. In Hawaii, the 30-day tour to Apia costs $594, with free beverages and film.

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