The Ovalau is the main island and seat of the local government of the Lomaiviti Islands in Fiji. Sattelite picture of Ovalau, Fiji and surroundings. Discover Ovalau holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Ovalau is the largest island of the Lomaiviti group. Levuka Location Guide, Ovalau Island, Fiji Tide Station, also shows nearby tide stations and surf breaks.

Isle of Ovalau - An overlooked piece of paradise

Just think..... a small part of untouched paradise, only 12 minutes by plane from the Suva (or a coach ride and brief crossover by ferry). Wellcome to Ovalau Island! Have a look at the image galery below to get a small insight into what Ovalau has to show you. So if you are looking for a Fiji adventure that gives you an insight into the life of genuine Fijians while you still have some of the amenities of a house, Ovalau may be right for you.

Well, this is not really on touristic radar.... yet. It' going to be great for the natives of course, more visitors who come to their islands will correspond to more touristy dollar in the area' s business. However, in comparison to the large touristic areas like the coral coast and the archipelagoes Mamanuca and Yasawa, it is still relatively unfamiliar.

Ovalau, one of the largest of the Lomaiviti group of islets, is approximately round with a jagged mountain inland and a ring coast street around its perimeter. I would say the highway is about 50 km (30 miles) long, and it is about 20-25 km from the runway to the capital on the isle, Levuka.

You can either take a 12 minutes long plane ride from Nasori International or take the bus/ferry to get to the isle. In any case, you will end up on the west side and take a coach from there to Levuka (approx. 1 hour drive). It has a total of no more than 8000 inhabitants, and about 25% of the inhabitants are living in or near Levuka.

Only a few towns on the isle, most of them on the coastline. Since the interior is hilly (Ovalau is an old volcano that has died out), there are only a few towns in the interior. Fj$75-80 per way with Northern Air. It is a very brief 12 minute fly, in a small 8-seater plane.... a great way to get a beautiful glimpse of the Coral Sea and the Lomaiviti archipelago on the way to the Ovalau airfield for land.

For less than half the cost of a trip, you need the best part of the morning to get to your final destinations. Arrival from Nadi? From Nadi you can reach Ovalau in less than the more famous Yasawa Island. There' s a 6.30 a. m. plane from Nadi International and arriving in Nausori at 7.00 a. m.

This is just the right time to connect with the 8.30 a.m. plane to Ovalau. Costs for one way fj$98 Nadi-Suva and fj$80 Suva-Ovalau.

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