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Cantilevers on the lagoon

Booking the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort with Expedia now and save! Cantilevers on the lagoon, Fiji, Fiji: reviews, pictures, map and description. Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort is a luxury resort in the heart of Fiji. The Outrigger on the lagoon is well suited for a family holiday. Outrigger on the Fiji Lagoon is a luxury resort.

Fiji Outrigger Beach Resort - Best Prices

Prices per day for this Fiji View! The Bebe Spa on the hill, the typical Talai Butterler and Meimei nanny services and the Fiji welcome you to the beautiful sundown. Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort offers a 5 star adventure! Prices are in Fiji dollars. Prices are per room or office, per day.

Fiji Beach Resort Vahavu Pool Outrigger

Vahahahvu means "relax" in Fiji, a suitable name for the new outdoor spa, café and banqueting hall at Outrigger Fiji Beach Estate. Situated in the luxuriant garden of this beautiful Fiji complex, the complex has a 20-metre long private spa, 35-metre long lagoon spa, sun deck and swim-up area. Vahavu Restaurant provides a modern tapa meal and services for sun worshippers by the water.

There is a capacity for 100 people in the adjacent pavillon, dining under a wonderfully landscaped building that commemorates the tradition of Fiji woodwork, wooden joists and a characteristic Thatch. Vahavu's new amenities enhance the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort's attractiveness for discerning travellers and group travel.

Cantilever Fiji Beach Resort

Situated on a sandy and sandy beaches, the residence is surrounded by 40 hectares of palm trees and luxuriant tropic-landscapes. It has been conceived and constructed to mirror the real Fiji lifestyle and lifestyle, where five stars luxurious blend of tradition and Fiji town! The Outrigger is also home to the renowned Meimei Nursery Services - the only Fiji holiday destination with a special range of products for nannies.

Outrigger Fiji Beach ResortWith 205 rooms plus 47 bureas, the AAA-rated 5-star Outrigger Fiji Beach Estate is the ideal place for a great vacation. The layout allows for most of the resort's area for groups of Boers, no less than 7 dining rooms, lounge and bar areas and the many swimming pool and activities areas, all encircled by beautiful ripe palm trees and well-tended landscaped tropic garden and sod.

Outrigger is 80 km (about 1 hours drive) from Nadi International Airport and only 5 km from Sigatoka City. You will find your favorite places in the Outrigger - here are 2 of us - the Kalo Bar in the spa at the top of the spa with its stunning view and at the other end of the Resorts Sundowner Bar, right on the shore; observe the sundowners!

An excellent travel getaway for the whole family, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort has a huge selection of familys, amenities and activities for children of all age groups, from baby to teenager - see the Children and Parents section below fordetail. Outsiderigger Fiji Beach Resort is a great place for an unforgettable marriage and/or your wedding getaway.

For your "special person", we are offering you the opportunity to prepare a spa session in the beautiful Bebe Spa Sanctuary - our specialists have all the necessary information. Specialists always use the best deal available at the moment of reservation. You' ll reach the top of the resort.

The resort rooms are also situated down on the shore in a 3-storey sea front building called "Lagoon Wing". Forty-seven Boers are clustered down the gently sloping hillside to the shore. Buren are the Plantation and Plantation Family Boers, which are the nearest to the reception area.

Beachfront Bures are practically on the shore and Ocean Breeze Bures are in the garden, near the beachfront Bures. These are 47m2, resorts are on the groundfloor of each guest room unit (including the Lagoon Wing, which is nearer the beach) and on the first two levels of the guest room units at the top of the area.

These rooms usually have no seaview, but a nice look at the resorts and the tropic garden. Use of available bedroom furniture for maximum capacity utilization: There are 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 kids under 13 years. Oceans look room:Ocean look room are 47m2 large. Situated on the levels above the resorts lookout rooms, each room has a comfortable seaview of the residence.

Use of available bedroom furniture for maximum capacity utilization: There are 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 kids under 13 years. Plantedation Bures: cean breeze bures: Use of available bedroom furniture for maximum capacity utilization: There are 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 kids under 13 years. Use of available bedroom furniture for maximum capacity utilization: There are 3 adults or 2 adults & 3 kids under 13 years.

Bed linen available: Bure's Beachfront: As the name implies, the 50 m2 Beachfront Boures are very unique and directly on the promenade with undisturbed view over the sea and the sea. Use of available bedroom furniture for maximum capacity utilization: There are 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 kids under 13 years. Max. occupancy: 6 adults or 4 adults & 5 kids under 13 years.

Family-plantation bures: These large 116m2 bureas are situated next to the plantation bureas and have 2 double rooms and a sitting-room. Max. occupancy: 4 adult and 2 child or 3 adult and 3 child under 13 years. Free of charge for under 13s if they live in the same room as their parent or if they supervise the use of available bed linen.

If they share a room with their parent or supervise an adult, all under 13s will have free food. Kid's LunchKid's Eat Free DinnerKid' Kid's LunchKid's Eat Free Dinner is free of food ordered from the children's menu or the children's menu (depending on what is in operation at the moment of your stay).

  • Breakfast is from the principal safe location of a buffet-dinner. - for kids only, who take advantage of the "Kids Stay Free" package. Little Riggers programme for 3 to 7 year olds. Beach Riggers programme for 8-12 year olds. Neither programme is free for our guest. There is a full activity programme available for our visitors, from a ball by the swimming pools to an afternoons of funny Fiji matches, the whole family will be occupied all the time!

Teenagers are also looked after at Outrigger Fiji, where there is a special Teen Activity Program for teenagers from 13 years of age. Outrigger Fiji's beautiful nanny services are a paid services and must be reserved in advanced. Quoting the resort: Kids are not allowed after 9:00 pm. The Kalokalo Bar feels like a celebrity on this hill with views of the resorts and tappas, champagnes and champagnes at sundown.

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort's adult indoor pools, lagoon pools, solarium and swim-up area.

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