Oohau ski resort guide, weather and snow reports, Oohau piste data, Oohau maps and links to Skichalet holiday offers in Oohau. Ohau Ski Resort NZ is a little gem and the stay at Lake Ohau Lodge contributes to the great Skiwi experience. Ohau ski area offers a great alternative. Booking Lake Ohau Lodge, Lake Ohau on TripAdvisor: Set in New Zealand's spectacular Mackenzie High Country, Ohau Snow Fields is a busy little ski and snowboard area with a great personality.

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A new two-seat armchair railway was built on the pistes in 2004. It opened the snow field much more and enlarged the area. In the following year New Zealand's longest snow mat was replaced by the ropetov. There are now 3 ski areas (1 chair lifts, 1 plate ski and 1 snow mat).

It is 1400 metres high and the highest is 1825 metres. The approach is a dirt track through the Alps, but is usually kept in good shape, as busses depart from the chalet every day. A new, fully automatic snow-making system with 23 cannons was set up in 2008, making it possible to open the ski field sooner and thus capture the profitable vacation shop in July.

Oohau has some of New Zealand's most stunning mountainsides. The southern Alps can be seen from the top of the ski field. You can see the Ohau reservoir and the Mackenzie basin in the bottom of the Valle. There' s a good panoramic sight over the pond as far as Ben Ohau.

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The glacier pond in the Mackenzie Basin on the southern island of New Zealand is named Lago Ohau[2]. The river is supplied by the Hopkins and Dobson River, which have their source in the Southern Alps, and has its outlet in the Ohau River, which itself flows into the Waitaki River hydropower plant. Oohau is the smallest of three broadly parallelepiped seas that run along the northerly rim of the Mackenzie Basin (the others are either Pukaki or Tekapo Lake).

Ohau is situated near the southwest bank of the reservoir. The Ohausee is on the way from the Alps to the Oceans Cycle Track, which was created in the years following its permit in 2010. On the way along the lakeside to Ohau Lodge, climb up the Tarnbrae Track before descending to Quailburn Road.

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