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The neighbouring villagers of Ofu Island have been visiting Fetoko Island for centuries as a place for fishing and a relaxing picnic called eva eva in Tongan. Picture about the cemetery on the island Ofu, group Vavau, Tonga. Locations in Mafana &'Ofu. Australia & PacificRarotonga, Samoa & TongaTongaTongaVava'u GroupEast Vava'u IslandsMafana &'Ofu. Image of the cemetery on the island of Ofu, Vavau group, Tonga stock photo, images and stock photography.

Birmingham | Ofu | Travelogue and pictures from Tonga

As I did not know that there would be a race during my time in Vava'u, I was amazed to find so many aliens in Neiafu that I had been hoping would be a calm island. As I saw an advertisement about the island of Ofu, I was selling locally: it was exactly what I needed: an island near Vava'u to get away from everything.

Once I had organised my other day in Vava'u, I reserved a day on the island. As we drove through the great Vava'u island of emerging from a transparent blue ocean, the light was on. When I got out and the sound of the ship vanished behind me, the comforting cover of the tranquility of Ofu Island dropped on my shoulder.

I was greeted by a nice lady who explained some home decorations and the opportunities to visit the island. It was a pleasant surprise to find a small reading room and I took a work by Patricia Ledyard, an US citizen who lived in Vava'u in the 1940' s, got divorced by a Scotish physician and stayed on Vava'u for the remainder of her Iife.

It was a very interesting tale about Tonga; my boss had known her before she passed away. This large seaside hammock, with a panoramic sea front overlooking Vava'u, seemed the ideal place to be. In the late afternoons, at low tide, I took a stroll around the south part of the island of Ofu.

Surprisingly, after hitting a rather violent child in comparison to the many cute Tongan children I had hit, I drove on the shore, went to the island's new schools, but finally there was no longer a place to go to walk. On the south side around Ofu I went around, which turned out to be simpler, if only because the flood was now lower.

Its shallow bottom turned out to be easily accessible and not skiddy, although it was damp, and I was on the other side of the island before I knew it. On the promontory the ocean had dug half hollows into the cliffy cliffs of the island of Ofu, which offer scenic vistas of several distant isles.

Apart from getting nuts out of a coconut ( "I must confess I cheated: my boss gave me a ladder") and one to drink and eat, read and get a sunbath, I spend the day snorkelling directly on the shore where I found an infinite area of coral of various types and size before I chose to go kayaking around the island of Ofu.

It was very quiet just off Ofu, but when I was crossing the small island between Ofu and Mafana, I realized that there was a wave from the north east. Since I had seen flat water here, I resolved to remain near the water. As I approached the south-eastern promontory, it was more difficult to go kayaking; the coastline is also very near here, so I saw a dual surge and chose to navigate between them.

A big shaft came in from the lefthand side and dropped a big amount of kayaking but when I finished the robe I knew I was fine. Now it was simple to canoe all the way back to the place where I lived, and I was quite happy as I was steering my canoe up the sands.

When I finished the previous day's work, I went kayaking again and this photo was taken of the magnificent view of the wood ascending from the crystalline clearn. It was just in the right place to watch the hammocks sunset before another breadfruit-fish-chicken-tonga-lunch.

The next mornings I got up early enough to go to the other side of the island and see the loyal sundowner rising behind the breakers of the island, and then wait an hours until the ocean went down. Then it turned out to be quite simple to circle the south part of Ofu, with some small sandy spots, caves and the nearby cliff - now everything was very different from the previous days when I was in a kayak.

I was already at the small local synagogue, and the kind instructor was offering me some mangos that I could not resist. I wanted the boat back to Tonga'tapu this afternoons and although I would have liked to have had more free rein, I had to say good-bye to Anna and Ofu - off to new adventure.

Oral and pictorial voyage of the island of Ofu (Tonga). Alternatively, click on the above-maps for more places near the island of Ofu.

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