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Flights to Oeno Island: Fill in your details once and have TripAdvisor search several websites to find the best prices for flights on Oeno Island. Fill in your details once and have TripAdvisor search several websites to find the best prices for flights on Oeno Island. Map of Oeno Island, Oeno Island topography, Oeno Island elevation, Oeno Island relief, Pitcairn Islands, natural feature. The islands of Ducie, Sandy and Oeno can be easily extended.

Isle of Oeno - MTP

Returning from Pitcairn, the skipper of the South Crucifix said that he was not going over the island with his dinghy, so we had to go swimming. It is only possible to pass the pelagic coral island when the lake is quiet. At Papeete we encountered a man who knew something about our trip to the Pitcairn Islands.

As we said that we would be visiting all four of them, he said that if we really wanted to go to Oeno Island, we had to do it on the way to Pitcairn. Said the skipper usually says it's too breezy and he'll stop there on his way back to Mangareva.

On the way back, however, captains always rush back as quickly as possible for all sorts of maintenance, repair and sourcing. The first stop in our programme was Oeno Island, but again the skipper said that we will not stop there, but will go directly to Pitcairn.

In March 2010 our vessel was s/v Southern Cross and now we have informed the skipper that we should go to Oeno first. There were only three of us and we all said that we wanted to keep our programme anyway. Arriving in Oeno, we saw that the skipper was both right and wrong. Well, he was right.

It was a little too turbulent to get through the arcade into the Laguna, but on the other side of the island it was so quiet that one could go to the top of the island's cay.

Island Oeno

This edition's art work is inspired by photographs by Meralda Warren and Steve Christian of Pitcairn Island. Pitcairn itself is the only island in the group that is continuously populated. Henderson (169 km east-north-east) is a frequent stop when humans need timber for their carvings, but Oeno is a pure vacation island - maybe one yearly.

120 km north west of Pitcairn, it is a low altitude of 3. Spending your holidays in the untouched Oeno is indeed a unique kind of vacation. As the years go by, Pitcairn Miscellany will have its reader become acquainted with reports of thrilling, adventuresome, unpredictable voyages to this point in the sea and sometimes even of defended mishaps.

Up until recently, Oeno had a Swiss Robinson family, but lately some amenities have been set up at home. We' re printing - with thanks - a tale by Mary Pavicich, an US tourist in Pitcairn, which was released in Miscellany in March 1986. Approximately half of us (then on Pitcairn) had decided to travel and got into the two long-boats.

The" Blech" and the" Holz" boats were both full of provisions and possessions to hold us for a whole months, although our planned sojourn lasted only one sek. Apart from a little motor damage with "Tin" and the need to use the other vessel to partially haul it, we had a pleasant and sunshine drive, the 75 mile to Oeno.

At the end of the day we discovered some spots on the skyline that resembled distant vessels, but were actually palm treelike. This gorgeous little island came in a more distinct detail as we approached it. It was unbelievable how bright the whole place was, especially the sandy, almost as snowy as the bright colors in the sea.

Although the floor was rough, it was good to lay down with the smell of the cabbages and the noise of the buff. Finally, however, they returned to sleep after going into the pool and then dried. We set up the remainder of our camps in the mornings and made our bedding a little smoother with lots of palm coconuts.

As always, Oeno was very much liked for snorkeling and swim, because the waters invite you to go jumping. We' had a great time on the island. If you are fatigued and worn out, there is a huge chestnut branch somewhere, with a huge piece of chesnut within one second.

There is always fresh and fresh sea in the young one. If one walks in the interior through the woods of the cabbages, one finds a multiplicity of birds. 2. When it rained, it was good to remain indoors and make some brushes or racks of the leaves of the coconuts to take home and use.

In the meantime we had wireless communication with the people at home and they were sure they had a better quality of life than we had, with three boats that had chosen to stop during our stop in Oeno.

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