Oahu where to go

Oahu, where to go

Manoa Falls is the second most popular hike on Oahu after Diamond Head Hike. A few minutes from the bustling streets of Waikiki, this jungle trail leads to a large waterfall. One of Oahu Hawaii's most popular activities is probably visiting the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, as it is one of the best snorkelling spots in Hawaii. Go where, stay and play on your next great holiday. Visit the Dole Plantation on Oahu with your family for a pineapple experience like no other.

The Oahu Regions Guide - What you should see for visitors

Do you plan a journey to Oahu? We' ve put together a travel guidebook for the Oahu region to make the most of your stay in Honolulu, Waikiki and beyond by emphasising the attractions and activity that each of Oahu's main areas has to boast. Honolulu, the city, is the cultural centre of Oahu.

There are so many things to see and do in this town centre, from the historical Iolani Palace to the Honolulu Museum of Art, that you can enjoy your whole holiday without the town. Hongulu is the meeting point for many walks and trips, as well as the extensive rainforest, waterfalls and movie sites touring.

You can be actively on funny equipments like stand-up paddle boards, or just enjoying the sea and the sundown. HONOLULULU is full of funny things to do - watch our article about other things you love in HONOLULU while in Oahu. Tip: Many of the Honolulu favorites and acitivities listed above are available in the Go Oahu Card, which gives you up to 55% discount on the combination ticket.

Central Oahu, a largely urban area, also has all the pinapple orchards - ideal for tours, explorations and tastings. Explore historic places; The historic places of Pearl Harbor such as the USS Arizona Memorial or the Bowfin Museum are in Central Oahu, from a technical point of view. Visiting a pinapple plantation:

Discover the Dole Pineapple Plantation, where you can take a trip by rail and savour a labyrinth, and buy many pineapple for a snack or souvenir. Surrounded by the eastern shore of Oahu, the Windward Coastline is full of wonderful sandy shores, lush rain forests and small town. Visiting historical buildings: Attend the wonderful Byodo-In Temple and find out more about the great Japanese impact on the culture of Hawaii.

Don't neglect to go to their tranquil stone gardens. Soak up the nature: To see the best Oahu has to offer in relation to the outdoors, head to the beloved Kualoa Ranch. With Oahu Western Shore, this area is a little dryer than most others. Most of the rides are related to wildlife or themed parks.

Take a splash: Wild Hawaii is a great way to get in the waters without having to worry about molluscs. Savour their astonishing waterslides and other chilly cruises. You will find many great outside adventures to be had. You can find some below, but have a look at our full blogs to have more enjoyment on the north coast of Oahu.

Don't miss the opportunity to come and see the Polynesian Cultural Centre, known for its many pedagogical exhibitions and interactivity, as well as for its thrilling dancing shows and genuine cuisine. Though the North Shore is best known for windsurfing, there is no need for an absolute beginner to take the wave (maybe out of season?).

As you explore these many different parts of Oahu, you will certainly want to see some of the sights listed in this article. You may want to pick up a Go Oahu Card All-Inclusive Pass to meet your travel needs.

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