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It' easy to feel overwhelmed in Honolulu, so it is good to get away and experience the gentler side of Oahu in addition to all the hot tourist places. After the Maui and Big Islands, Oahu is Hawaii's third largest island, but it is the most populous of all. The Wasatch Mountains, Park City is one of Utah's most important travel destinations. Do you want to visit museums, boat trips, other sights? The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in East Oahu is the ultimate snorkeling experience.

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Tell aaloha about the tropic breeze, the luau at the sea and the icons of Diamond Head on Oahu, Hawaii's most populous isle. Surf on Waikiki Beach following in the steps of Duke Kahanamoku, visiting the Iolani Palace King's Quarter and Pearl Harbor. Leave the tourist path with a walk to the Makapuuu lighthouse on the south coast.

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and the Oahu west side.

As many of the Hawaiian Isles, Sugarcane was once an important industrial and booming economy on O'ahu. Sugarcane firms constructed railways and watering channels across the island to help their endeavours, and many of them have survived to this day. At O'ahu's western side is the Railway Society of Hawaii Railway Train, which goes from Ewa to Kahe Beach Park and back.

90-minute horseback riding takes place every Saturday and Sunday ($15) and tells the tales of the Sugarcane pulls, the Sugarcane plantation and other historic sights on the western side. Mt Ka'ala is O'ahu's highest mountain, with a height of more than 4,000ft. Although the top of Mount Ka'ala has no real vantage point, it is one of a kind because it is regarded as a cloudforest, with many plant varieties not found anywhere else in O'ahu.

Kaneana Cave, also known as Makua Cave, is located just to the South of Yokohama Beach and Ohikilolo Ridge. Arrivals of humpbacks attract so much interest in the overwintering seasons that humans overlook the fact that the island is also home to three species of dolphins: Nut cracker, Scottlenose and Mock. O'ahu's western side is a first-class place to see it.

Although not as easy to reach as South Shore and Windwardside Beach, West Side Beach such as Makaha, Yokohama and Nanakuli are esthetically equivalent to all other shores on the islands. In addition, the west side offers the best insight into locals' lives, away from the usual tourist resorts in these areas.

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