Oahu top Attractions

Top Oahu attractions

It is Hawaii's third largest island and the most populous with almost one million inhabitants. Hawaii's third largest island, Oahu, is home to two thirds of Hawaii's population. For the ultimate list of things in Oahu, read on. Hops in Oahu's only four-door convertible for a private tour with a local guide. Looking for cool things to do in Oahu?

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Benefit from 14 of Waikiki's top attractions and unrestricted trolleys and cut costs by up to 50%! Pacific Island Arts Festival presents works by some of the best craftsmen and performers in Honolulu. Featuring over 100 participants, the show offers a great chance for those interested in the arts to discover the works of new artist and expand their collections.

The Kona Nui Nights is a weekly meeting that takes place every third Wednesday of the months and honours and emphasises the local languages, musicians and the arts of the Hero. The Honolulu International Honolulu Festivals, which attracts tens of millions of enthusiastic visitors every year, celebrate the Hawaiians' past and present. The three days of events will take place at different locations in the town and will offer visitors an extensive procession, a large number of artistic performances and other family-friendly events.


Like all the indigenous archipelagos of Hawaii, Oahu is best known for its beautiful sandy beach. Hawaii's third biggest isle, home of Honolulu, the state capitol, also has a number of important historical and environmental attractions. Oahu's most popular coastline is Waikiki Beach on the southern shores, a windsurfing resort that attracts 4 million surfers annually, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Ala Moana Beach Park is located just south of Waikiki, where quiet water offers perfect swimming opportunities for the young. Kailua Beach on the east coastline is also a favourite destination for family. At the northern bank you will find one of the best snorkelling spots, Kawela Bay, where you can take a look at the verdant turtles of Hawaii.

Overlooking Waikiki, take a scenic coach ride to the famous Diamond Head State Monument, a 760-foot caldera created more than 100,000 years ago. Leahi is a national natural monument, the "forehead of tuna" in Hawaiian. The Nuuanu Pali Lookout, 20 min from Waikiki in the Koolau Mountains, is also a stop.

You' ll travel up the Pali Highway through thick woods to reach the viewpoint, where you can admire stunning vistas of the Alps and Oahu's wind-shore. Children and grown-ups will love the Hawaii Marine Life Park, where visitors aged 8 and older can go swimming with them.

The 18-foot Hawaiian Reef Tank is an attractive spot known as Sea Trek and features a unique hard hat. Meet life from the depths at the Waikiki fish tank, home to more than 3,500 waterlife. Find out more about Hawaii's sharks from the 35,000 gallon hunters of the reef exhibition and admire the lunar gels in the 1,000 gallon Ocean Drifters Gallery.

To meet landlife, you' ll be visiting Honolulu Zoo, which is home to a wide variety of mammal, bird and reptile life. Experience the 1941 Japonese assault that led the United States to enter World War II with a tour of the Pearl Harbor National Historic Sites, including the USS Arizona Memorial.

City of Honolulu is home to the Iolani Palace, a national historic landmark dating from 1882 that was used as the home of the Royal Hawaiians. Honolulu is also home to the Bishop Museum, which displays the nature and culture of Hawaii with a permanent exhibition of 1.3 million artefacts and 22.3 million species of plants and animals.

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