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You' re gonna love it! So what to do in Leeward Coast, Oahu. In Leeward Coast there is a lot to do. Are you visiting Oahu for the first time? So much to do and see here.

There are 6 fun and inexpensive things to do in Oahu to keep yourney going.

Let's face it, Hawaii is not the least affordable place to go, in fact it can be damn pricey. To find cheap things on Oahu was initially a real challange for us. We may have failed to see the Jurassic Park dinosaur wandering around Kualoa Ranch, but we did not forego tasty food or stunning mountain and beach snows!

There are some of the best things in your world that are free to inspire you, see our listing of six inexpensive things to do in Oahu. The Oahu is full of walks that are FREE! Trekking is also available for all travellers, so there is really no need not to take advantage of one of the many hiking paths on the isle!

There is no way around the magnificent view of Lanikais Pillbox Hike. One of our favourite sights on Oahu! Would you like to find more walks? It is recommended that you visit Hawaii and download the All Trails application for your mobile game! Oahu's favourite food during our stay was Oahu's local markets and going to the nearest beaches to get food.

One of our favourites was Ahi Poké, so we used it almost every day! You can take a low-cost $3 seated deck chair to make your lunch a memorable experience! Shark's Cove on the North Shore was our favourite place to have a picknick. Find the best loot in stores like Times Supermarket, Foodland and Safeway!

So we had supper in our room and watch the sun set, which was a laughably romantically inexpensive thing in Oahu. The majority of Oahu accommodations are in or around Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. Have a seat by the sea or stroll through Waikiki to experience the night life with your own icecream!

While we were looking for walks, we heard about this trek, which in our view was best done in the afternoons. Though this is really not a trek, you can make one of your nights interesting by following our last tip (BYOB in Waikiki) and trying to find the 23 historic markings in Waikiki.

That' a great way to discover Waikiki and not go shopping! Though not every Oahu is buoyant due to the big swell and heavy current, there are a variety of beautiful sandy areas that are ideal for all days and those who prefer to swim in quieter water. Lanikai with the Kailua Bay was our favourite place to relax.

More great place if you would visit the Turtle Bay resorts near North Shore, where there is a great open sea bath. Waikiki also has the perfect environment for bathing, to name but a few! When you want to make some savings, you can withdraw from the offer of rented cars at any time and use commuter transport instead.

Hawaii's transportation system is great! Doing these 6 cheap things in Oahu you can store some serious currency that will give you more cash to splurgle on other things while you are on holiday! And if you have more hints on how you can make savings in Hawaii, let us know in the commentaries below!

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