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Use the list and search functions below to find hotels in Kahana (Oahu). Anyone have any lodging suggestions in East Oahu that would be nearby beaches? The Bonnie Kiyabu Oahu Hotels offer the perfect pillow for everyone. These free, easy-to-use guides for accommodation, hotels and motels near NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, will save you time and money. Located at the intersection of Honolulu and Waikiki, our prime location offers easy access to everything Oahu has to offer.

Top 10 Oahu Hotels of 2018 (with rates starting at £35)

Your found cost is 29% lower than the US$235/night standard room charge. Your found cost is 10% lower than the US$238/night standard room charge. Your found cost is 12% lower than the 340 US$/night median cost of this one. These are provided by our affiliates and are based on our standard overnight accommodation pricing, which includes tax and charges known to our affiliates and due at the date of reservation.

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Oahu Beachfront Hotels around the island (Not in Waikiki/Honolulu)

Oahu beach hotel at Ko Olina Resort: Ko Olina is currently the only Oahu hotel on the western side of the isle. While it could rain anywhere else, there is a good chance that Ko Olina will remain arid. Meanwhile, a second benefit is that this is the newest area on Oahu.

Olina is a little isolated - 45 km from all activity in and around Waikiki/Honolulu. Oahu Hotel is situated on the edge of Capelei, just behind the south tip of Oahu on the western shores of the Isle ("Pearl Harbor"). The site offers open space, small crowd and a more relaxed Hawaiian holiday time.

Availability and prices at hotels.com (ad). : search term "Four Seasons Oahu". Previously known as the Ihilani Resort, the recently refurbished Four Seasons Resort Oahu in Ko Olina has all the luxuries and exclusiveness you would want from Four Seasons. Concerning the Oahu beach resorts, I would say that this hotel is among the best - and you are paying for the best.

Availability and prices at hotels.com (ad). Hawaiian Holiday: Disney Aulani is in itself an attractive location in the city. For more information about this accommodation in West Oahu, HAWAYI. First of all I have to tell you that this is NOT on the shore and it is NOT at Ko Olina resor.

It' nearer to Ko Olina than any of the following resorts; and it's three mile from White Plains Beach. It' directly adjacent to a brand new commercial center, so there are plenty of places near to dine, buy or watch films; but it's not what I would consider the perfect Hawaii holiday position.

Yet, however, if I traveled to Oahu for shop at somewhere like Pearl Harbor or Schofield Barracks, this is the first place I would consider. It is also quite literally down the street from the University of Hawaii West Oahu; and if we ever end build up on our poorly designed track system, the beginning of the line is also near.

Oahu beach hotels: Availability and prices at hotels.com (ad). Hawaiian Holiday: From all Oahu Beach Accommodation listed on this page, Kahala Hotel & Resort is nearest to Waikiki - about 7 km/4. 5 mile behind Diamond Head crater in the prosperous eastern Honolulu neighbourhood of Kahala.

Dolphin Quest Oahu is the home of Dolphin Quest Oahu, where you can go swimming with them. Concerning the Hawaiian tourist attraction, Waikiki has Diamond Head and many other things to do. Kahala Mall offers comfortable shops and a quick car ride from Hanauma Bay, Sea Life Park and many other tourist destinations in the east tip of Oahu.

Availability and prices at hotels.com (ad). Hawaiian Holiday: Turtle Bay Resort is 60km from Honolulu International Airport and 72km from downtown Waikiki, as isolated as any other hotel in Oahu. Then for the land rats, Turtle Bay Resort provides two league course designs by PGA legends!

Apart from the recreational area and the near local beach, there is not much of interest for tourists in the surrounding area. Perhaps you would like to take a trip to Oahu for a Hawaii tour of sight-seeing and you will probably make many excursions 19 km along the coastline to the Haleiwa city (?) stores and dining places.

Availability and prices at hotels.com (ad). Hawaiian Holiday: First, the good news: No other Oahu hotel offers such breathtaking views as Paradise Bay! The Paradise Bay Resort is definitely in the countryside - within walk of almost nothing (except my parents' house).

Among the few visitors attracted in the Hawaiian region within a radius of 5 km/3 mile are the Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of Temples, the Puu Maelieli trail (one of my favourite walks in Hawaii) and the first two stations on my suggested upwind trip to Oahu. So, if you plan for the sand to be a bulk of your holiday trip to hawaii, first of all, you should be reading about the near eastern shores.

Availability and prices at hotels.com (ad). Hawaiian Holiday: It is also directly opposite a lovely stretch of eastern shoreline near Malaekahana and a brief walk from Laie Bawaii Temple and Laie Point. Understand that these are practically all the near rides that are of interest to a Hawaiian holidaymaker.

It is definitely one of the most secluded in Oahu. Makaha is currently shut down for restoration, but the local course is still open for game. I' ve seen contradictory accounts of when or if the place will reopen. Meanwhile, you should stay at one of the West Oahu Hotel's at Ko Olina Rest.

The above room prices are in USD and are only a guide to the prices directly released by the various Waikiki Holidays in March 2014 using their on-line reservation tool. The prices are per person per day for two people in a regular room at the best possible rate. Prices were calculated for the following data in 2014:

From 15 to 21 April, 15 to 21 July and 15 to 21 October and for the following years in 2015: 15-21 January. The tariffs flagged as NA were not available for the desired date. Prices shown here are only examples of prices quoted in my research on a particular date in March 2014. Prices are valid from 15 to 21 October 2015 and the following data for 2016:

15 to 21 January, 15 to 21 April and 15 to 21 July. Due to the changes in hospitality managment, prices were determined in February 2017 for the following 2017 dates: From 15 to 21 April, 15 to 21 July and 15 to 21 October; prices were also determined for the following 2018 dates: 15-21 January. The sample rate was received in May 2017 for the following data in 2017:

From 15 to 21 July and 15 to 21 October; prices were also determined for the following 2018 dates: 15-21 January and 15-21 April.

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