Oahu Island Tour

The Oahu Island Tour

If this is your first visit to Oahu, the best way to take a "snapshot" of the entire island is to take an island tour. All of Oahu's greatest attractions in a single, all-day tour! The must-do tour covers most of the island's popular highlights. Select the Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour, where you will see all of Oahu in one day for one of your Oahu activities today! While Waikiki is a great place to spend your Oahu vacation, the island has many other attractions you just can't miss.

Prizewinning Grand Circle Island Tour Oahu

This engrossing experience takes you to the island's most impressive sights and attractions, such as the world-famous Hanauma Bay, the bubbling Blow Hole, Pali Lookout and St. Kualoa Ranch, which nestles against the breathtaking Koolau Mountains. It' a sign for the global acceptance of the Hawaii islands.

The Hanauma bay lookout* - Once a recreation area for the aristocracy of Hawaii, this protected cove is now one of the island's most sought after travelers. The tour does not involve a swim in the cove, a stop-over is possible. The Halona "Blow Hole" Lookout* - This vulcanic volcano lamp brings rain to the skies like a whale's blow hole.

This enchantingly beautiful vantage point was also the scene of the Battle of Nuuanu, one of the most bloody conflict in Hawaii's entirety. Here Kamehamehameha I. captured the island of Oahu in his search for the unification of the islands of Hawaii. Cualoa Ranch* - Take a streetcar trip around one of the most holy places on the island.

Kauakahi a Kahoowaha holy mound found here was the keys to the Oahu Kingdom's aplomb. Hawaii Mormon Amateur Spectacle - The first LDS Church outside the Continent, this gorgeous ensemble offers stunning exuberant exotic flower yards, spectacular fountains and much more.

Welcome to the surf mecca of the surfers of the world! They are also a favourite Hollywood area. Orle Plantation* - Come to Hawaii's Pineapple Experience, see pineapple from around the globe and try the exquisite Dole Whip icecream! The island, according to mythological Hawaiians, consists of the remnants of a dragon's tale that was cut off and thrown into the sea.

This Oahu tour starts at Diamond Head and then passes the spacious beach homes of prominent people and hunchbacks in Kahala. In Waimanalo, a stopover allows you to explore the small city side of Oahu, then it's best to let the Pali Lookout cast a spell over you.

In the Byodo-In Temple, hidden in the Valley of Temples, you will see a half-size reproduction of the 450-year-old Japanese cult site and then drive to the holy Kualoa Ranch for a tramway ride to the luxuriant Kualoa Mountains. On the island's north summit, the tour will cruise through the lay Hawaii Mormon Temples and North Shore's best surf spots, then ends in Dole Plantation, home of the famed Dole Whip icecream.

The Kualoa Buffet Menu: Green Kualoa Field Salad, Fresh Pineapple Wedges, Kim Chee, BBQ Pork Ribs, Buttered Corn, Mango-Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken, Kualoa Chili, Steamed White Rice, Chef's Choose of Dessert. If it rains you can take a lightweight coat to the Kualoa Ranch. Legend and Legacy Tram is part of the tour.

The Dole Plantation's Labyrinth, Trains and Gardens Tour are not part of the tour. The Dole Plantation is closing on Christmas Day. The Kualoa Ranch is shut down for Christmas and New Year. Cancellations can be made free of cost up to 48hrs in advance of the itinerary.

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