Oahu Hawaii Tourist Attractions

Hawaii Oahu Tourist Attractions

Be inspired for a perfect honeymoon in Hawaii! The Pacific island cultures for tourists, plus a luau and fire knife dance. Nowadays O?ahu has become a tourist and shopping paradise. So if your main reason for escaping to Hawaii is for the adventure, get ready to choose between endless possibilities of tourist attractions on Oahu perfect for you.

The Gathering Place" is Hawaii's most populous island and home to the famous Waikiki and Pearl Harbor, the opening battle of the Second World War.

The best tourist attractions in Oahu from the sky

So you' re on your way to Hawaii (Oahu, specifically) and looking for something to do. Which are the best sights in Oahu? While one of the best tourist attractions in Oahu is certainly a gloomy one, Pearl Harbor is also a memory of the disaster that occurred there on December 7, 1941.

Then you can go to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and make a last-minute trip with the Ko Olina Resort or the Oahu Island Adventure. Most of them are tourist, so if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the sea, take a plane over beautiful Hanauma Bay!

There is a good reasons why this is one of the best tourist attractions in Oahu that you can see from the air: you can't even get to it if you don't over it! The Sacred Falls State Park is near Hau'ula on the northern shore of Oahu. The Ko Olina Resort and Oahu Island Adventure Tours take you over this breathtaking 1,000-foot falls!

A seaside area of Honolulu, on the southern shores of Oahu. The Makapu'u Point Lighthouse, a glowing lighthouse erected in 1909 on a 600-foot rock with views of Makapu'u Beach - a sandy beach known as one of Oahu's best body-surfing spots - and the family-friendly Ocean Life Park, is located at the eastern tip of Oahu.

The bay is the biggest protected area on the major islands of Hawaii. Overlooked by the cliffs, this area is a significant landscape and recreation area along the south-east coastline of Oahu. Mokoli' i is known among the natives as Chinaman's Hat and a favourite place to take photos along the Oahu coastline. This small islet is situated at the northern end of Kaneohe Bay, in front of the Kualoa Regional Beach Park.

Ka'a'awa Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Oahu. Newborn babies were taken here by the Hawaiian chieftains in old Hawaii and educated in old tradition, culture and warfare. Ka'a'awa Valley is a real Oahu emblem and one of the best tourist attractions in Oahu. Ka'ena Point is on the west tip of Oahu.

It is said that this tragic coastline of Lavas is the place where the spirits of the old Hawaiians would leap into the ghost worlds and encounter the spirits of their forefathers. Overlooking the Wai'anae coastline to the South and Mokuleia to the North and the Pacific Ocean, it is not difficult to understand why this point was so sanctify.

In your view, what are the best tourist attractions in Oahu, or on the basis of your past holidays in Aloha State? Looking for the best tourist attractions in Oahu for your next trip to the tropics? We' re currently selling helicopter trips starting from these areas: Oahu (Ko Olina), Oahu (North Shore), Hawaii (Hilo), Hawaii (Kona).

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