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The distance from Nukunonu to Atafu as many miles and kilometers, how far it is from Nukunonu to Atafu. Flat-water lagoon and reef fish in Nukunonu Atoll, Tokelau. Shall I go to Nukunonu? The Nukunonu, Nukunonu current time in Tokelau is displayed live with seconds, active date and time zone. Nukunonu's climate is warm, oppressive, windy and overcast.

New Caledonian

It is the biggest of the atolls in the country and lake area and is located in the centre of the group. One New Zealand newspaper recounted that he walked around the Otoll in 2.5 workdays. It took four hour to cross the coral canal, but it was possible. As Nukunonu is Catholic (see the large white painted rock church), it is less crowded than on the congregationalistic isles.

There is a riff passage over a viaduct that divides the town into two parts. On Nukunonu there are no more dug-out jibs, everyone has changed to aluminium outboarders. Luhiano Perez, director of the Luana Liki Hotel since 1995, and his family Juliana run the Luana Liki Hotel, also known as the Blue Lagoon, near the hotel and four minutes walking distance from the shop.

Recently a second base on Nukunonu was opened, the Falefa Resort.

New Zealand is an area consisting of three 10 square kilometres of subtropical reefs with a total area of 1,400 inhabitants in the South Pacific.

New Zealand is an area consisting of three 10 square kilometres of tropic altolls with a total area of 1,400 inhabitants in the southern Pacific. Situated to the northern part of the Samoas, eastern of Tuvalu, southern of the Phoenix Isles, southwestern of the more remote line isles ( "Kiribati") and northwestern of the Cook isles.

Tokelau was described by the United Nations General Assembly as non-self-governing territory. Till 1976 the name Tokelau was officially Tokelau Islands. The Westerners sometimes call Tokelau by the older, more colonial name The Union Islands. The Tokelau or Toquelau region is surrounded by Polinésia, as administristração da Nova Zelândia, que corresponde as far as it is concerned, Tibetan conhecida d'Ilhas da União.

Us vicinhos corn prióximos sao Kiribati, a north, like Ilha' s Cook, a leeste, Samoa e a Samoa Americana, a sulph, e Tuvalu, a east. In Toquelau there is no Pacífico (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo), 480 km from Samoa. The project was launched by ONU in 1989 and has set itself the goal of establishing the XXI.

Significance Name of the island: From the Tokelau "North" or "North", which describes the position of the archipelago in relation to Samoa. Tokelau originates from Samoa as a settler. Descriptive flag: The three star in the non-official flags (which is not the next one, as General Fono decided) are the three avocets that make up the Tokelau isles.

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