The Nukubati is a private island resort in Fiji. Make yourself at home in Navata, check the availability of rooms on Nukubati Private Island and book directly with the host. Locations, prices, amenities: Expert Labasa Research, Hotel and Travel Index only. The Nukubati Island Fiji has four spacious bungalow suites on the beach and three luxurious honeymoons. The all-inclusive resort is a small luxurious refuge on the private island of Nukubati off the coast of Vanua Levu.


The Nukubati Private Iceland Great Sea Reef is ideal for those looking for a little relaxation, adventures and discoveries. Fiji offers its visitors a variety of surf, dive, snorkel and fish adventures. The Nukubati Private Iceland is the place where luxurious and environmentally sound meet, a variety of bio-food is cultivated on the islands that visitors can soak up.

It is remote and allows only a small number of visitors to the islands at any given moment, so if you are looking for a peaceful place to enjoy Fiji civilization, Nukubati is the ideal city. With only 7 rooms on the islands, all near the beaches and encircled by lush tropic garden and coconut trees, the rooms are roomy and contemporary, ideal for a restful Fiji Islands vacation.

Great Sea Red is only a short cruise from the coast, the third biggest of its kind in the whole Caribbean and very loved by snorkellers and scuba diving enthusiasts. The Nukubati Private Islands has beachfront suites and Bures for pairs surrounded by lush greenery just a few paces from the sea.

Looking onto the shore, each Boer is detached with a privat back terrace. The Nukubati is known for its cuisine. The seafood is a specialty of Nukubatis, newly captured, with organic fruit and vegetable on the garden of the isle. You can eat in the pavilion, on the shore, in your room or any other place on the isle.

In Nukubati there is an ample winery with high quality Australian and New Zealand cuisine. It has two lounges, one in the pavilion and the other on the grass and a pub for all parts of the isle! Pavilion: Pavilion is the centre of insularity. Here you can enjoy long, rotten moments in the tropic sun and the old Nukubati area.

There' s a dinette where you can dine alone or with other people. Nukubati's most important sport is scuba. Only half an hours drive will take you to the Great Sea reef, the third longest barriere island in the time. Great Sea Red has 74% of the known corals and 80% of the known fish in Fiji.

The Nukubati is the only Fiji resorts with easy acces to this huge marine rich. Secluded, unspoiled and unspoiled, this huge coral riff is visited by the visitors of the island Nukubati. The Nukubati is known for first rate services and this includes our dives.

The entire diving equipment is provided by the resorts and is a top quality Apollo product with meterial and Imperial diving computer. Nukubati is a truly memorable city. Marriages usually take place at sundown on the shore or in one of the many picturesque places on the isle.

Nukubati Private Iceland, the most beloved of which is a plane from Nadi International Airport to Labasa Airport, followed by a 1 hours 4-week shuttle to the Nukubati Jetty for a 5 minutes speed boat ride to the Isle. Shore transfers are part of the room rate.

From Nadi International Airport you can also take a flight to Savusavu with an extra shuttle to Nukubati or rent a seaplane directly from Nadi International Airport to Nukubati Island, but for an extra charge.

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