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Tahiti Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva's wild beauty leaves an impression on all visitors with steep cliffs, several bays cut into old volcanoes and mountain landscapes. Locate the Air Tahiti office in downtown Taiohae. From Nuku Hiva, the main island of the Marquesas, starting point and excursion into the Marquesan culture. See this luxury house in Nuku Hiva taihoae Other Tahiti, Tahiti, French Polynesia. Learn everything you need to know about Nuku Hiva Airport: location, transfers, opening hours, aircraft parking, refuelling and payload restrictions.

Mystical Nuku Hiva Islands

The Nuku Hiva, the second biggest Polynesian Frenchs Republic is the Marquesas' business and administrative centre. The Nuku Hiva is described as a mystic isle with an indisputable natural beau. Taiohae is the island's home base, where most of Nuku Hiva's administrative offices are in.

Hatiheu, the favourite cove of the author Louis Stevenson, lies in the north of the isle. Anaho is one hour by foot from Hatiheu cove. The Nuku Hiva also has wonderful gorgeous gorges, the most important and fruitful of which is in Taipivai. One of the most attractive archeological places in Nuku Hiva, this is where you can discover several wonderful falls.

It' the third biggest cascade in the whole wide open because it is 350m high. There are many relicts of this small village that can be found on various excursions: Discovering these beautiful places is provided by our own services, who are always ready to pass on their know-how. Tahiti can be reached by air or sea, thanks to various types of cruise services from Aranui.

Welcome to the magnificent Keikaha Nui Pearl Lodge in Nuku Hiva and enchanting families hostels.

Tahiti Hiva Holidays - Tahiti Travelling Association

The Nuku Hiva is the biggest of the six populated Marquesas-Archipels. They are among the most secluded and secluded of all the worlds and are very different from the tranquil reefs of the Society Islets. At Nuku Hiva steep rocks fall into the rugged and rugged sea.

Located 1400km from the Isle of Tahiti. The flight to the islands takes three and a half hour from Tahiti, or you can take the passenger/freighter Aranui 3. The Nuku Hiva is made up of two volcanos and is an expanse of magnificent cliffs, quiet, unspoilt coves, stunning falls, luxuriant dales and stunning basaltic crests.

Would you rather talk to us on the telephone? Tahiti specialists will be happy to help you! Would you rather talk to us on the telephone? Tahiti specialists will be happy to help you!

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