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Weather forecast for Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia Islands with temperature, wind speed, rain, clouds, humidity, pressure and more. Check prices and find the best deal for Nuku Hiva Keikahanui Pearl Lodge. Iles Marquises, French Polynesia. Hasiheu Bay, Nuku Hiva (French Polynesia). So I just returned from a two-week trip to the island of Nuku Hiva (part of French Polynesia, South Pacific).


Herman Melville, who left his boat and hid in one of the valley, made this place known. The Nuku Hiva is the biggest of the Marquesas Islands, known for its stunning beaut. The origins of Nuka Hiva lie in its tragic landscape and its huge harbour, which was created by the partially collapsing vulcano calendar.

Nuku Hiva is a delicate harbour. Transport from the vessel to the bank is carried out via the ship's tendering services. Historic places with the remains of "tohua" - the antique Marquesan place of singing, dancing and celebration; the foundation of the antique houses known as " Papae heamoe ", and the stately sculptures of stones " tsiki " can be found all over the isle.

Great, fruitful dale, made popular by the US author Herman Melville, who spent three months here in 1842 and was the inspiration for his first novel "Typee": One look at Polish life." Constructed with stone from all parts of the Marquesan Islands, the chapel contains beautiful wooden statues by native craftsmen. Hiva's leading culture centre shows pre-historic and historic items such as old paintings, ceremony items and a wide range of equipment, tackle and daily use.

The Nuku Hiva in five get--

For so many miracles throughout the Marquesas Islands, it can be useful to give the Crusaders a "Nuku Hivan shortlist of things they can do", in order of importance, when they only have 1-5 workdays. It is not intended as a full service descriptions of a yacht owners service, but as a travel guidebook to get the most out of Nuku Hiva in the wild.

For more information about the places around, Rose Corsair has a guide in her store on the western side of the pen. With insect repellent and a good set of walking sandal that you can steep in sludge, sea water and brooks, as well as a reel of lavatory tissue in a Ziplock, you'll have a more enjoyable Nuku Hiva time.

  • Chez Henri (Henry is fluent in English and can resolve most problems the way you would in Marquesan) (meals $8-$10): WiFI Internet with grocery shopping, mostly with the traditional Morquesan Passion Cheese (lime marinaded white seafood in freshly pressed lemon milk), freshly pressed juice or lemonade (lime), and banana that you peel from one of the grapes hung on the side of the tents to accompany your lunch (such as Californian tortillas crisps with Mexico food).

Desserts: tart beurre or French Polish doughnut. Nuku Hiva, Kevin can help you with check-in and/or boating issues (the US way). Selling Marquesan polite banners and memorabilia, he is home to one of the first islanderers: a sculptor: In the rain, the non-drinkable waters are darker with sediments and spots on the clothing.

There is currently no drinking in Taiohae, except one of the three free filtrated wells. Nuku Hiva has the best toilets on the island. On Saturday mornings, 5-6:30 am: fleamarket (marche de puce), sea food and ready meals. and Magasin Kamake and Magasin Larsson stores. Larsson's, besides Kamake sold higher quality articles such as currys, coir nut oils, etc..

Freshly fried French loaf ($0.70) and biscuits every day except Sunday and public holiday. Pre Kamake until 11:30 a.m.: Delicious veggies and cheap Casse-Croute (sandwiches). Take a right between Magasin Kamake and Magasin Larsson. Moyana Nui Restaurant, Pension and Rent a Cart - More than Marquesan Menue ($12-$30).

Serve French pizzas, beers, wines and soft drink. Rose Corsair, on the west side of the cove, is selling a guide for Nuku Hiva, which contains description of items inside the disaster. Watch out for the Morquesan variation of the Christendom crucifix (formerly the Morquesan icon for the South Crucifix, I believe). Compounded, the Markesan looks like a male design.

Marquesas Museum and Restaurante at Chez Rose's (American cruise ship, arriving 1972, moving here in 1977). Sell a great Nuku Hiva travel guide in several different nationalities. Kevin sometimes puts up a cab from his ysnnh store to haul kreuzers back and forth for a more relaxed Friday evening happier time.

In the Marquesas, the beaches are zero. It broods in the sandy area between freshwater and sea. Normally, the white the sandy, the bigger the no. The Kouvea Strand in the south, in front of the residence of the French managerStrand in the south, in front of Rose Square, but more than KouveaColette's Bay, see "walks" below.

Local people say shark is a dilemma, but Kevin from Nuku Hiva Yacht Services and the fire department hasn't even reported an accident. He never worries about hopping into the cove to fix a sub. Get some toilet tissue and toilette. Colette'say, over the crest on the other side of the western side of the bay,....path begins above Rose's mole.

Nice bathing area. Don't forget, beaches are no. Richard, Jocylene and Kevin are speaking English. Inquire Tourism Henri, Rose or Kevin to help you find a tour leader. Look at the Marquesan Historical Exhibition. Feeding the baguettes to the freshwater eel next to your eater. The area is called'Too Vii' or as some call it, Mini-New Zealand, with its open countryside and pine trees.

You will stop at viewpoints on the top of the crest, up to Nuku Hiva's Grand Canyon. Purchase a baguette that you can give to the local people the same time. Leaving Taiohae, head westwards to Hakatea and drop anchor at Daniel's Bay, where Survivor was gunned down. Carefully, many No-No's, some even go to the moored boot.

Go westwards along the northern bank of the cove to Hakaui Cove. Freshwater fish can be found in ponds and streams. Cruise to Anaho, on the northeastern edge of Nuku Hiva. Drink and swim in our freshwater springs on the beaches. Carefully, no, no, no, no, on the sand and more to the west.

A good windsurfing and a plantage on the shore over the little eastern hillside, but be advised - no no no on this shore, so run to the shells. There are many craftsmen living in this cove, among them the famous Marquesan-Tattooer Moana, when he is not in Taiohae. Hakapuvai in the western part, Taipi Vai in between.

Only good in Western Side if there' s no waves. The other Survivor Strand is Hakapuvai & Hakapaa (anchor). In Hakapaa, the cove to port, we drop anchor further east, where hogs roam the shore and a beautiful water fall (easy, brief hike) in the background, to the east (left, if you look into the interior from the cockpit).

Hakapuvai, in the western part, has a shell-sand. From time to time, no one can get to the ship.

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