North Island Seychelles Price

Seychelles North Island Price

What time would you like to stay on the North Island of Seychelles? Larger groups, prices on request. Seychelles North Islands luxury and privacy. The best island resort in Africa. This spectacular island retreat called North Island is located in the warm Indian Ocean.

Northern Island, Seychelles

The North Island is an exquisite and modern hiding place that offers the ultimative barefooted delicacy. Situated 42 km north of Mahé Island and accessible by heliport, the island has only 11 breathtaking mansions along the shore per 7 night, per capita, per 2 persons who share a presidential villa on an all-inclusive base, incl. helitransfer.

Any and all prizes are not-binding. If you would like to receive our promotional offer and children's discount, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. The rates refer to two persons traveling together and are excluding bargains. Currency changes, seasonal fluctuation, flight category, room types, airlines and travel service all influence the price of your vacation.

Deluxe North Island - Seychelles, Seychelles Islands

Seychelles North Island is the place for those looking for the ultimate in luxurious accommodation. The island has 11 guesthouse mansions, making it an excellent place to hide out for large groups of people. Every villa has been meticulously crafted to restore the uniqueness of the Seychelles.

First 10 mansions, the so-called Presidential Mansions, are 450 sq. m. and have a workroom or second room, which is the ideal room for a family with kids, while the 11th is the best option for a couple. Presidential properties have a master suite and a second bedroom/living room and workroom.

From the mansions, visitors can admire an undisturbed view of the beaches and the ocean. Every mansion has a fully fitted kitchen. It is the last step that makes the mansions a personal haven. This North Island mansion is situated on the north side of Anse d'Est, in an uptown location on several hills.

Although it only accommodates two people, the 750 sq. m. mansion is more roomy. It has many open-air recreation areas, a movie theatre lounges and a workroom. The North Island is perfect for a restful honeymoon, offers a lot of private space and can only be reserved for pairs. Located directly on the east coast, all mansions are covered by nature so that visitors can admire the sea and their private sphere.

Indoor and outdoor communal areas are spacious with lounges, dinning room and libary, picturesque wellness area and fitness studio, world-class diving base and a rim-flow bath. Situated on the opposite side of the island, the pub and restuarant offers a great place to eat or for a relaxed afternoons with your favorite-mix.

On the island there are many activities such as cycling, fitness studio, walking tours, snorkeling, angling, boat trips, kayak and canoeing.

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