North Island Resort Seychelles

Seychelles North Island Resort

It has developed the island and increased its population. Mahe Atoll, Seychelles. Seychelles North Island Resort is one of the forty granite islands in the Seychelles that surround the two main islands. Seychelles North Island, North Island: The North Island is a protected area in harmony with nature, surrounded by tropical waters and endangered flora and fauna.

Seychelles North Island Resort, Boutique Hotel and Gourmet Resort on a privately owned island - Relais & Châteaux

At the North Island Resort the expression "a corner of paradise " finds its real home. Constructed from the island's own resources, restored during renovation, these mansions blend into the countryside and represent bare-footed luxurious. Unwind at the spas or explore and enjoy the stunning wildlife of the Seychelles, which is plentiful on the North Island.

Formerly a farm, the island has become a noteworthy Shrine. The North Island is one of the most prestigious privately owned islets in the whole wide globe and is located 30 km from the major island of Mahé, the Seychelles, known for its bright whitish shores, its luxuriant tropic surroundings, its delicate cliffs and the blue Indian Ocean. A unique traveler' s paradise, combining luxurious amenities, personalised services and a spacious all-inclusive package to provide you with the ultimative level of exclusiveness and personalisation.

Real luxurious is continuous boundless travel and the North Island has as many possibilities as you can have an unforgettable one. The North Island mission is to create truly unforgettable, genuine experiences and memorable experiences to ensure that every one of them is individual. The North Island has only 11 mansions, each with over 450m2 and its own butlerservice, to satisfy and predict every need, providing an incomparable framework for the ideal hiding place.

North Island is also working to protect the Earth's wildlife and biological diversity while running a luxurious island. Continuous nature conservancy is at the core of the Northern philosophie. The North Island, in conjunction with the creation of a world-class resort, has also established a protected area where long abandoned habitat has been restored to restore the threatened wildlife of the Seychelles and a place to flourish and prosper.

Formerly used as a botanical garden, the North Island's Ark Sanctuary Program has transformed the island into a wild paradise where threatened wildlife such as the Seychelles Spectacled Turtle, the Giant Aldabra Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle blossom again.

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