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Locations on North Island

TravelPass North Island itineraries: so, what are you going to be adding to your North Island trip? Not a small nation, New Zealand is a big village" ~ Peter Jackson. Because of its inherent beauties, New Zealand's North Island can be somewhat missed, as its big brother, the South Island, usually gets all the focus. I even acknowledge that many years ago I thought the South Island contained all the breathtaking miracles.

That was until I had the chance to move to Wellington, and I got out and found out what the North Island had up its sleeves. I asked 10 travellers what they think the lesser-known and most attractive places on New Zealand's North Island are for a roadside tour, especially if you choose to spend the night in medium size shelters!

Of course you can't put them all in one Roadtrip if you are temporary, but this choice is certainly the starting signal for your journey of plan! Let us immerse ourselves in some places you should include in your North Island itineraries, as suggested by travellers' blogs: It is a wonderful place, with so many attractions that you can talk about the land at any moment.

Kapiti Coast is a area 30 mins north of Wellington that is not much loved by travelers from all over the world, but the local people appreciate this place very much. To all my New Zealand traveling buddies I suggest to observe the setting sun at least once from one of the Kapiti Coast sands.

Sunset behind Kapiti Island is the ideal scenery for beautiful sundowns all year round. Kapiti Coast is becoming more common as the new motorway through the cities of Waikanae and Paraparaumu makes the Kapiti Coast on North Island inaccessible.

Kapiti Coast has a small urban character and yet is still near enough to the capitol that companies are imaginative and innovating, especially when it comes to agribusiness. Tens of individuals decide to work in Wellington while living on the Kapiti coast because they have a laid-back way of life where you can find folks going barefoot to the grocery store without worrying about them.

From the top of the Hemi Matenga trail you have a good look at the area and with a bit of luck even at the South Island. 48 kilometers off the Whakatane coastline, White Island is not only the most vibrant North Island lava cave, but all of New Zealand!

As White Island is in private ownership, the only way to get it is to reserve a trip with an authorized travel agent. During my stay on White Island I chose to make a reservation at White Island Tourswho from Whakatane. I stopped at the White Island rendezvous the eve of White Island exploration.

It' the same place where the tour starts from and is the property of White Island touring. Delphins followed the start on the way to White Island, jumped out of the sea and played in the wake. So we got a helmet and masks to keep us safe from the hard weather on White Island.

It' easily recognizable when you reach it, with the big flag of snow that rises into the clear skies. It is a rugged scenery and the sea around the island changes from bluish to milkiness. The waggon ramparts in the centre of the island are broken and sulfur slits puncture the countryside and make it inhaled.

The scenery is unique and undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places on New Zealand's North Island. I' m from a landlocked area and I like the ocean, so you can see how lucky I am to live on an island. One of my favourites is the shore, which is not easy to reach on the way home from work.

I' m speaking about Piha Beaches, the most wonderful beaches I have seen here, maybe even ever. Pea-ha is New Zealand's most popular Surfbeach. Piha is a wonderful animal, split by the giant cliff on which you can clamber, the so-called Lion Cliff. Aside from the splendid lion cliff that watches over the shore, it is the dark sands, which are of vulcanic origins, that make Piha so pretty and yet so angular.

However, if you obey the directions, you can have a good chilling period on this sandy area. Yes, the Hawkes Bay vines are some of the best in the land and most are associated with great dining and view. Catch your buddies, your two bikes and take a journey through gentle slopes, along the coast and across countryside to get to some wonderful little places and savour a great Kiviwi.

The Shipwreck Bay is one of the best spots for surfing on New Zealand's western coastline. It' not too tough to get what makes it perfect for your North Island roadside tour and you can leave your car right on the sands. It can be tough to find, so be careful! Everybody is welcome as long as you are respectfully in the waters and with the people who call this place home.

There' s a large Maori people in the area and the local civilization will reflect this - it's a tranquil, welcoming place where you can really enjoy the charm of the small city of New Zealand. Another must for your North Island street trips, a pristine submerged water source makes this a great place to burrow your own hot tub in the sands, lean back, unwind and observe the sweeping ocean currents.

So we dipped our legs and were a little bit astonished that the sea was actually warmer. The best time to find plenty of fresh sea breezes is 2 hrs on both sides of the adive. We had a free time during our 18-day motorbike tour on the North Island.

So we stayed 2 overnight in Paihia and got a description to Ninety Mile Beaches. I was sure that we should have been on the street indicated on the card. Turns out that what appeared to be a street on the chart was Te Paki Stream and is only passable at low water.

So we made it to the street and drove further north to Cape Reinga, the most northern point. I made a detour back to Spirits Bay, which turned out to be my most attractive place in New Zealand. Descent to a camping site, car park and a brief walk across the dune to a wonderful sandy stretch of land and blue waters.

During our 2. 5-week journey on the North Island of New Zealand we select the less frequented Tutukaka, which was one of our "outstanding" travel destination on the North Island. Decisive for our decision were our love for the outdoors, aquatic sport and scuba dives, combined with calmer, less touristic areas. Located 15 northeastern of Tutukaka, it can be reached by ferry from the port of Tutukaka.

The Poor Knights cruise reveals the island's lofty rocks, some of which rise over 600 ft above sealevel. Poor Knights Archipelago creates an extraordinary marine world of huge marine cavities, eel woods, sandy canals and submarine shelters. Auckland is easily accessible from Tutukaka, so you should consider a visit to the North Island.

One of New Zealand's most scenic towns, New Plymouth is perfect for your North Island itinerary. The New Plymouth is situated on half of the North Island on the west coast. From the north, the highway leads through hilly terrain, has dug ravines and offers stunning vistas of the Tasman Sea.

New Plymouth lies by the sea, the cobbled Coastal Walkway leads along the entire length of the town, beginning at the port, past parklands and long sandy beaches. During our North Island journey from Rotorua to Wellington (5. 5 hours) Greg and I made a spontaneous stop in the Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley.

Only about 20 min from Rotorua it was easy to reach and proved to be one of our favorite places on the North Island. New Zealand's many spa resorts are interesting and attractive, nestled in New Zealand's unspoilt and sheltered countryside. For more information on what you can see and do in New Zealand's breathtaking cataclysm.

So what are you going to be adding to your North Island voyage? Hopefully we have convinced you to at least include a few (if not all) of these lovely places on your North Island itinerary.

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