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New Zealand flag lists

These are a selection of New Zealand flag types. The Wikimedia Commons has flag coverage of New Zealand. 1902- (official, in use since 1869)Flag of New ZealandA blemished blue flag with four bright four starred sky with the Crux inscription. The flag has four bright blue dots.

1840-1867 British Union FlagTaken after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840. 2008-todayThe flag of the Governor General of New ZealandThe sign of New Zealand's coat of arms is raised above the Königskroun. 1953-2008Jew Zealand Governor General's flagA Leo stands on a top of a top, above a New Zealand statue 1936-1953New Zealand Governor General's flagA Leo stands on top of a top, above a New Zealand statue 1908-1936 Governor General's statue 1908-1936Defaced Union flag with a four star crest and the initial'NZ' in the middle, in the middle...

In 1874-1908 the flag of the Governor of New ZealandA Union flag disfigured with a four star ring and the initial'NZ' in the middle, encircled by a ring of greens. 1869-1874 Governor of New ZealandA Union flag was flawed with four five-pointed star. Flagship of the Royal New Zealand Air ForceA bright yellow box with the spinning top of the Royal Air Force disfigured with the letter "NZ".

November 16, 1938 - New Zealand Civil Air EnsignA navy red crossing with a broad edge on a bright green area. It is in the territory of the Confederation, with the Southern Congregation. The New Zealand Police FlagAzure with the New Zealand banner in the country, with the NZP logo on the cuff.

The New Zealand FireflagA navy green banner with the New Zealand banner in the hand. 1996-New Zealand Customs FlagA New Zealand navy banner with the letter "HMC" (for "Her Majesty's Customs" in the lower lift was in use from 1966 to 1996.

It replaced this banner in 1996. 1968-1998New Zealand Ministry of Transport EnsignA sky-blue banner with the New Zealand banner in the country, with the NZMOT crest in a light green window. DunedinArgent's banner a bondage dance, on which a sheep's face was sitting neatly between two clumps of cereals.

1987-Flag of the city NelsonBlue top third with bishop's cap. Underneath there are bluish and whitish ripples with a crossflower. 2004 flag in OtagoBlau ( "Otago Blue") and golden, horizontal division by a zigzag line ("Dancetty", vexillologically speaking), with opposite eight-pointed star lines. Flag of the city of Palmerston NorthPlain whit backdrop with centre crest.

City of Palmerston North, New Zealand' in dark text above and below the crest. 1911 Wellington flagBlack symmetrical crucifix on amber ground with a centre circle drawing of a vessel with a fishing rod on its canvas. 1979-1994New Zealand Olympics and Commonwealth Games Association flagA dark green banner depicting (in white) a silvery ferns on the Olympics ring.

1987All Blacks flags, New Zealand hockey world. It' a badge of blackened snow with a little bit of whitish bracken. 1993 - Chatham Islands Inofficial flagA navy green banner depicting the islands above a dawn. 1987-New Zealand Post FlagAn orange-red banner with the NZ Post emblem in Caucasian.

Perpendicular stripes of red and red in the bow tie. 2007-The new Münster Crucifix (also known as the Zealandia flag), an informal South Island flagA Nordic crucifix with a blank backdrop depicting the Southern Alps, with a verdant crucifix depicting the luxuriant scrub and farmlands of the South Island, and azure depicting the oceans.

This is one of several banners adopted and supported by various policy groups working for greater South Island self-determination (see South Island Nationalism#Banner conceptions for the South Island for a more detailed listing of such banners). 2016 South Island Flag of Independence of New ZealandA Nordic crossing with a blank backdrop depicting the Southern Alps and other snow-capped peaks, with a verdant crossing depicting the luxuriant forests, shrubs and farmlands of the South Island, and azure depicting the streams, seas and seas.

The United Tribes Ensign sketch by Governor Bourke to King William IV, recalled 2009-07-15. The official welcome of the banner was changed, with the eight-pointed star replacing the five-pointed star and the fringe colour replacing dark brown with pure whit. Jumping up ^ "National Flags M?ori".

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