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I' ve closed my accounts at all the other banks and the only bank on the North Island. Over the years, the online app has improved and now works smoothly! We are closing our credit union and contact center today. Industry/ATM Locator - Mobile Banking - Car Calculator - Contact - Personal Banking - Business Banking - About Us - Full Website. The North Island Credit Union offers an extraordinary experience, whether visiting a local branch in San Diego or banking online.

Corillian chooses North Island Credit Union to improve online banking services for consumers and businesses; Corillian's industry-leading online banking features, ease of use and security were key decision factors

{Nasdaq: CORI}, the top provider of online banking, online payments und anti-fraud solutions todays announces that North Island Credit Union, a $1. 5 billion credit outlet had in San Diego, Calif. Corillian has chosen Corillian as a partnership to provide next-generation online banking to the nearly 125,000 members of the North Island.

The North Island Credit Union chose Corillian's home and corporate apps for their functionality, ease of use and safety. Corillian's range of online capabilities and new online capabilities was what the North Island Credit Union wanted to offer its members. Corillian's industry-leading stance on advanced secure and authenticated banking was also at the heart of North Island's online banking strategies.

With the North Island Credit Union's increasing Spanish membership structure, the capability to provide online banking in English and Spanish in an efficient manner was crucial. "Our Corellian banking solutions will help us better meet the increasing demands of our core member segments," said Scott Williford, First VP, Customer relationship and e-commerce director, North Island Credit Union.

"As our burgeoning teenagers prefer the online channels for most of their deals, our members in the booming babies generate the most bustle of life and place the highest value on'hyper convenience' above everything else. Coreillian's state-of-the-art online solution and safety will allow us to maintain our commitment to "act easily" and deliver extraordinary value to our customers and partners.

" Coreillian Consumer Banking will enable the members of the North Island Credit Union to safely analyse, administer and monitor their financial situation. Personalisation features in Colillian Consumer Banking will also make online banking simpler and more comfortable for members. A further important function is the built-in self-service, which enhances the online membership enjoyment while reducing the servicing costs for the North Island Credit Union by providing a wide variety of self-service functions.

The North Island businesspersons will have improved commercial banking facilities, which include the capability to transmit and accept ACH or Wire remittances to and from any bank accounts, and a graduated level of authorization that allows the businessman or head of the offices to assign commercial duties to staff depending on the needs and responsibilities of the workplace.

Furthermore, the graduated authorization allows the shopkeeper to define different degrees of authorization and transaction options depending on the roles of the employees. It allows executives to share their work efficiently and safely, which saves the company valuable resources and resources. "This new relationship with North Island Credit Union is further proof of our dedication to delivering world-class online finance to the credit cooperative," said Alex Hart, Corillian Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

"And the unsurpassed ease of use and safety of our consumers and businesses banking apps will be of great benefit to the North Island Credit Union. We' re pleased to be working with an cutting-edge credit cooperative like North Island to achieve their online targets and targets for their expanding membership population.

" Twenty-five years of leadership in the fellowship, North Island Credit Union currently serves nearly 125,000 members from 13 branches in San Diego County, ranking as the fiftieth biggest credit union in the nation and the tenth biggest in California with $1. 5 billion in assets. Surely this is not the case. It provides a wide range of consumer finance products and advisory activities in the County of San Diego, Orange and Riverside, which include current and saving bank deposits, capital expenditure products, property, vehicle credit, personal finance and online banking.

Also a leading provider of small businesses service, North Island offers payrolls, insurances, benefits, pension schemes, current and savings bank deposits, credit facilities and SBA 504 and member company lending. North Island Credit Union, a leading San Diego based company, was recognized with the Ken Blanchard's Best Company to Work For in 2001 and the Peter Barron Stark Award for Workplace Excellence in 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2004.

The cooperative won the Governor's Award for Performance Excellence from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2005 through the California Awards for Performance Excellence, which use Malcolm Baldrige quality criteria. The North Island Credit Union is the only California credit institute to receive this award. The 2004 American Customer Satisfaction Index, a domestic benchmarks for all sectors, showed that the credit cooperative's value of 86 was the highest for a bank and exceeded the 76.

The North Island Credit Union has offices in the city center of San Diego, South Bay, Clairemont Square, Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, Vista, Scripps Poway, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Santee, NAS North Island and La Mesa. Symantec is the global provider of online banking, invoice payments, integrated services and anti-fraud services to major banks.

Corillian has 28 of the top 100 US banking houses and 20 of the top 100 US credit cooperatives as clients, serving over 25 per cent of the online banking population. Providing the most agile, scaleable and securest suite of online banking solutions across a number of businesses, Corillian integrates best practices features designed for some of the world's most innovating banking organizations.

Coreillian offers end-to-end consumer banking, small business banking, corporate banking, wealth management and credit card management as well as enterprise-wide services such as frauds detection, payments warehouse, alerts, eStatements and OFX. Corrillian's anti-counterfeiting solution uses Preemptive Forensics(TM) to help secure websites from phishing, hacking and defraud. Some of the world's most forward-looking banks offer their clients the opportunity to administer their finance more efficiently and safely with the help of our products.

More information about Corillian Corporation can be found on the company's website at

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