North Island Activities

Activities on the North Island

Discover New Zealand's North Island or Te Ika-a-M?ui (M?ori). Day trips, attractions and activities - unspoilt New Zealand beaches, geothermal wonders, authentic Maori culture, adventure and food and drink. Activities on the North Island: beaches, volcanoes, caves full of small luminous worms, Hobbiton, Taupo.

Discover the North Island on your own with impulsiveness. What there is to do on the North Island.

Day Tours, Attractions and Activities on the North Island

Lots of people will find a great deal to do on this multifaceted island. This is home to some of the country's best coastlines and some of the world's most renowned thermal miracles. Throughout the year the Northern sub-tropical region gives the visitor the opportunity to find out more about New Zealand's rich heritage, explore old rain forests, enjoy great activities on and under the water and enjoy fabulous sub-tropical scenery!

The North Island is also home to the Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm, where the Hobbit and some Lord of the Rings scene were shot.

There are 23 completely free activities in New Zealand, North Island (with map)

But New Zealand is an extremely costly place. Had already rented my truck and went on an Epic 3-week Roadtrip around the North Island of New Zealand, I just didn't have the cash to do Bungeejumping and Delfinbeobachtung every days! Instead, I took the liberty of making myself as much enjoyable as completely free activities.

Here is my free New Zealand activities schedule, North Island issue! The Northland is a large area that stretches from the outside of Auckland to the northern tip of New Zealand. I' ll discuss this tip below in the Cape Reinga section, but considering that Paihia (about half way up) is the favorite dive site for dolphins, there are still some seriously fun things you can do for free in Northland.

New Zealand's action-packed part is often missed, but it really shouldn't be! Continue reading to learn more about the great free things in Northland. Between Kaitaia and Cape Reinga, the long section of the shore is home to Ninety Mile beach. Arriving to the right part of the shore can be a little difficult if you drive.

Feel free to load the customised card onto your mobile to find even more free activities in New Zealand! Tane Mahuta, one of the biggest cauri-trees in New Zealand, is about 2,000 years old. Waipuoa Forest boasts all kinds of forest nearby and is only 30 minutes walk from the street or car park.

When you are at the local markets to see a chiwi in the wilderness, this hike is a good one. It' also a great place to camp and leave your truck when you are on a drive. Look what I've done in this amazing part of New Zealand! Everyone likes free material, especially in Auckland, a big and expensive (ish) town.

In Auckland there are many free things to do, and NONE of them are museum - JAY! Anyway, Auckland is full of great (and free) activities. In my opinion, Auckland was constructed on a volcano so that there are about 48 vulcanos to discover.

Some of them are still alive! It also has many park and woods, islets, sea gardens and ports. Seriously, this is a really cute town. One great way to get to Auckland is to enjoy the scenic view from the top of Mount Eden. It'?s easy for you to go up!

Or, if you actually have a full 24 hour drive, this fantastic vantage point can be done as part of a full days "coast to coast" trek where you go from one side of New Zealand to the other in 4.5hrs. It is a 16 km long stroll through the town, meeting some of Auckland's most important sights and ending at the opposite port.

Ideally, you should start your stroll from the center of the town on the beautiful port of Waitemata, which in Maori means "smooth and shiny water". During this stroll you will cross five vulcanic places and hike to the summit of Mount Eden, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town.

A hiking pass is available at every visitors' center and probably even at your local hotels. After completion you will have some means of transportation close by to get back to the town. As an alternative, you can also go the other way around and end up in town for a well-deserved dinner.

Just 40 minutes by car from Auckland town centre are the beautiful Waitakere Range, the rain forest right next to the town! Stretching over more than 16,000 ha of breathtaking tropical forest and coastal line, Waitakere is set amid the famed dark sand of Piha Beach and Karekare Falls. Take a picturesque ride through the areas and stop at one of the exquisite coffee shops with views.

The Visitor Centre even has great views that you can enjoy at check-in to determine where you want to go first! You can see many different species of fern, indigenous bird, skink and cowrie tree in this area. The Waitakere Ranges are free to walk in and make a really good full-day trip from Auckland an optional if you have car hire.

When you are in Auckland in summers, it is best to come in the mornings or in the afternoons, as the parks are quite crowded and there is little shadow underneath to protect yourself. They can be reached from dawn to dusk as they are located in a green area. The 703 stop is directly in front of the yard, and to return to the town you can also get the same number from outside the area!

It is not exactly free to come to Goat Island, I know, and it is actually quite far from the town. The big snapper swims right next to the water, which means you can go snorkeling from the sand and have an exciting outing! Snorkeling at Goat Island Marine Reserve is free, or you can go diving, but it's definitely not free.

If you have more money, you can also rent clear bottom cleaneraks, go in a glass-bottomed kayak (or take your own) or go to the Marine Discovery Centre. It'?s not too difficult to get to Goat Island Marine Reserve. It' s located on the Leigh peninsula, about an hour's journey from Auckland.

TIP: Come early to the Marine Reserve if you're looking for a place to relax in a beautiful marine setting, or if you don't want to meet anyone snorkeling in sommer. It' the ideal free action for a wet morning in Auckland, which is very popular by the way! For New Zealanders, however, the Art Gallery is still free.

Coromandel is home to some of the most beautiful places New Zealand has to offer! The Coromandel is the most beautiful place in the world! The area can also be reached comfortably by boat from Auckland and you can rent a vehicle near the harbour. Also there are many free camp sites (known as Freiheitscamping ) in the Coromandel, which means that this place is a gold mine when you are on a Roadtrip!

However, the warm waters can only be found at certain places of the shore and there is a certain period of the year when one should go. I' ve written a whole guidebook about this stunning nature phenomena so that you can get the most out of your days at the warm sea beacon. It was probably the most wonderful sandy spot I have seen in New Zealand and I wish I had stayed there longer.

It' only a 30 minute walking distance from the Cathedral Cove Lookout parking lot, so don't let it scare you! On one side, a cathedral-shaped opening in the cliff will lead you to another paradise strand - as long as the flood is calming down. This little jewel of a stroll lies somewhat off the well-trodden paths.

Kauri Way leads you to the "Twin Kauri" (two mature trees). The Waiau Falls and the Kauri Walkway are both only 2 minutes by car from each other (or a brief walk) on The 309 Road. On the 309 Road, however, there are signposts to Waiau Falls, so just keep following them!

Though I did it in the raining rains, I really REALLY relished this stroll through an old goldminers village. Situated in the jungle, only 1.5 hours by car from Auckland, this little jewel is the ideal outing. That' what I did during a three-week highway tour of New Zealand. Rotorua's hottest springs are full of fantastic things, and many of them are free!

It is a nice and cultural town and the places of interest and attraction have taken my breath away (and not only because of the rotten odour of eggs)! Even though the spa centers use many of the more stunning thermal spas, there are still plenty of fantastic free things to do in Rotorua!

My recommendation is this place in the heart of Rotorua City. It' s hard to find good free hotsprings in Rotorua, so this place is easy to find a great draw for those with a limited purse. FREE TIP: For another free thing in Rotorua, go or stroll through the city center and visit the M?ori homes with vulcanic vapor breaking through their front lawn areas and courtyards.

In case you still haven't had enough of geothermal energy, here's another good one. You can reach the stream from the street (only 200 meters on foot) and there are car parks with restrooms and shower facilities. I want you to find out what I'm doing in Rotorua! The great activities around this easy town are really great however!

Even if you don't like to surf, Ocean Beaches has cold vulcanic dark sands to try out and you can go swimming or bodyboarding as it's a bit more safe than Manu Bay. However, I researched it thoroughly because I had planned to go to the windswept town.

Mt Victoria is known as part of the Lord of the Rings films and offers a magnificent view of the down below Chicago area. Situated in the heart of the shopping area, it is a quick ride up or a simple stroll through the bush-covered area. Perhaps New Zealand's hottest road, an inner-city piece of Bohemia, where you can see streets of arts, musicians, shops and quaint coffee shops.

Everything I did on my Roadtrip is included, great free campsites and great funny (and often cheap) activities you can do on the North Island! Please click on the icons to get more information about the site or activities. Choose an area (e.g. New Zealand) to be downloaded and use off-line if you do not always have full control over the area.

Do you take a New Zealand roadside tour? Please be aware that some of them may require you to scan to New Zealand as they are global businesses: Check out these free things you can do in New Zealand and then post a review of Pinterest! Which other free activities are there in New Zealand?

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