Norfolk Island Tour Packages

Isle of Norfolk Tour Packages

Car Rental & Bonus Tour! She is the multi-award-winning line dancing teacher who has fun at the top of her Norfolk Island travels! Docking on Norfolk Island - Skylark Tours With Norfolk Island Holidays, the selection is limitless. You can organize angling trips, historic trips, golftours, cooking trips, handicraft trips, farmer and industrial trips, hiking trips, wild animal trips or a mix of these touring. Price for 4 persons from $3269 per passenger according to season and fare.

November 17, 2018 - 8 Days Norfolk Island Experience - Solo Traveller Tour

A 8-day exploration of the beauties and histories of Norfolk Island. We' re also enjoying the yearly Foundation Day to celebrate the advent of Lieutenant Philip Gidley King and the first migrants. Considering the need for individual travelling, this masterly crafted tour is specifically conceived for the unaccompanied traveler - it eliminates earlier worries such as very high surcharges for a room, the tragedy of having to share a room with a stranger, security worries and eating on vacation alone.

Your travel companion is at your side to make your vacation full of magic adventures and memorable moments. Her travel companion will be Bek, who has lived on Norfolk Island for most of her infancy (1984 - 2000). While she is no longer living on the island, bek still has strong relationships with her families and friends and is looking forward to share her community with you.

Our Classics Tour guests will see all the attractions of the destinations and still have a lot of free day to go shopping, relaxing or exploring with other people. Earlier this day you will be meeting your tour escort and your companions at Brisbane International Airport for our Norfolk Island flight.

There' s enough spare minute to unwind and rest for the afternoons. We will have our breakfasts this mornings before being collected for a half-day island orientation tour. On the Convict Settlement Tour this afternoons. Following a cozy breakfasts, you can either unwind or shop this one.

Later in the day we drive to Fletchers Mutiny Cyclorama, a 360 degrees panorama. We will be taken to Kingston this mornings after a cosy breakfasts to recreate the first landings of the prisoners on Norfolk Island during the yearly foundation day festivities. Afterwards, a rich luncheon with typical island cuisine and music.

Early departure for today leads us on a pleasant bush hike through the National Park. After the hike we gather on the cliff for a tasty BBQ. Return to the guesthouse, the mornings are at your free disposal. We are picked up after our breakfasts at the hotels for an Iceland Adventures 4WD tour which takes us "off the well-trodden paths " to some of Norfolk's deep valley, mountain ridge, coastline and privately owned plots.

In the afternoons you are free to shop or relax. We will be picked up in the evening and brought to Puppy's Point. Celebrate the breathtaking landscape and the island food festival, along with a good time and sundown. Earlier this day, after having dinner, we will take an unforgettable tour of the home of the world-famous writer, the deceased Colleen McCullough, who made Norfolk Island her home in 1979 and remained with her spouse Ric Robinson until her death in 2015.

Early in the afternoons we take the Hilli Goat Tour - The Norfolk Whey - where we get to know the milk and cheesemaking processes of the dairy, meeting the naughty kids and rounding them off with a glas of vine. At the end of a cosy morning break, the days are free to shop or just unwind at the last second.

We' re then taken to Norfolk Island International for our transfer back to Brisbane.

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