Norfolk Island Shopping Guide

Isle of Norfolk Shopping Guide

Isle of Norfolk Island is located about 1600 km from Sydney, in the South Pacific. The island is a small volcano eruption of only eight kilometers long and five kilometers broad with about 2000 inhabitants and has two smaller uninhabitated isles, Nepean and Philip. The Norfolk Island Hotel offers good value and a beautiful choice of style.

The landscape on Norfolk Island is breathtaking, very luxuriant, verdant and upland. There are over 32 km of coast with only two shores, one at Slaughter Bay and the other at Emily Bay, Emily is much nicer. Glassbottom cruises depart from Emily Bay every day and provide a good opportunity to see the corals and other marine live.

The Old Kingston Town is a captivating place: this is where Philip Gidley King ended up and founded Norfolk's first town. In Kingston are also the island's legislature and government building. The Norfolk Island National Park has breathtaking landscapes and a wealth of birdlife. Norfolk is one of the most important characteristics and can reach a height of 57 metres; many jaws are grown along the coast.

Mt Pitt and Mount Bates, the two highest points of the island, provide a magnificent view of the island. The most important shopping and coffee area on the island, Burnt Pine is a small, vibrant place. There' is much to see and do on the island, but the botanic parks are of particular interest, they are wonderfully laid out and provide good samples of the island's flora.

The Norfolk Island Hotel offers a good choice of style and price. Norfolk Island is located in various places and all of them have outstanding services with very kind and inviting people. The island has over 60 different accommodations: The Norfolk Island Hotel ranges from guesthouses, chalets, suites and hotel rooms.

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