Norfolk Island Protest

Protest on Norfolk Island

Demonstrators occupy the former legislative assembly. Local self-governing people in the Norfolk Islands are protesting against Australian control. After the reform of the status of Norfolk Island, there were mass protests by the local population. There was a protest in Australia fifty years ago this month. There is nothing new about protest in Australia, even violent protest.

The Norfolk islanders protest and call for the dismissal of the official governor nominated by the government of Australia.

Demonstrators against the government's ruling to take over Norfolk Island occupy the former legislature's premises and refuse to go. It' s the 2nd anniverary of the Bounty turmoil, and many of the demonstrators are descendents of mutineers. Turmoil went so far that the administrator of the island nominated by the government of Australia had to be removed.

"Our civilization on Norfolk Island is threatened today," said John Christian, a close descendent of Fletcher Christian, a rebel leader. The group protests on the premises of the former island's legislature by taking up the area. The Australian Parliament closed its legislature last year for 36 years, and its occupation was a spur-of-the-moment act of civilian inobedience.

Protests were against Gary Hardgrave, a former liberal member of parliament who was named caretaker of the island by the government during the transitional time. Do the right thing by leaving voluntarily," Mr Hardgrave annoyed the large assembly of island residents by declining to grant permission for a protest to be staged for reasons they consider their own.

But the protest continued. This protest was culminating in a recent act of revolt, with the motion to send a message of no trust to Mr Hardgrave, asking him to leave the island and go back to the Australian continent. "We' re offering you one last chance to do the right thing by leaving voluntarily," said Andre Nobbs, the protest organizer of Norfolk Island People for Democracy.

Mr Hardgrave has not yet been available for an interviewee on the demands for his deportation and the increasing tension on the island, which he manages on account of the GOA. The Norfolk islanders working for continental civilization have observed with increasing concern how the discussion about the island's futures is sometimes getting uglier.

Mike King, a landlord of the Norfolk Islands, said he accepted that there is a great deal of rage against the changes, but the extent of the uncontrollable rage affects him. "But I beg everyone to get the right to be listened to and to protest before the whole matter," said Mr King.

"There have been splits in all walks of life on the island and it's very tangible, very tangible.

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