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The Norfolk pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is another Christmas beauty. The Norfolk Island Pines are easy to spoil - at least as a houseplant. The Grants Scheme, which not only provides information, but also offers online courses on the basics of exporting.

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The Norfolk Island People for Democracy, a group formed shortly after Australia abolished Norfolk Island legislation three months ago, says it is gaining increasing backing. Radio New Zealand reports that many of the island's former politicians are part of the group, who want Norfolk to become a non-self-governing United Nations region and seek closer cooperation with Australia.

Norfolk Islanders say that there is increasing concern about the absence of democracy for individuals, with more than 200 participants taking part in a open forum to debate ways forward. The Australian government decided in May to dismantle Norfolk's government, which provoked local protest and called the move "old-colonialism.

Australia's Prime Minister has replaced the island's legislature with a municipal councillor, despite the wide-spread indignation of Norfolk people. Australia's lower chamber, with backing from the opposition, adopted changes that will get Norfolk insulans to contribute Australia's tax by July 2016, and in exchange natives will get healthcare and social services.

One Norfolk Island minister, Robert Adams, described the step taken by the Aussie regime as an "abuse of people' s rights".

Norfolk Island medical marijuana is supported by more than 14,000 in an online Petition.

Over 14,000 followers have gathered behind a prayer to allow the cultivation of medicated marijuana on Norfolk Island. This license was revoked last weeks by Norfolk's Australia official Gary Hardgrave, who has the last word. The island's chances of taking the leadership in the management of diseases involving legal cultivation of marijuana have therefore largely gone up in smoke, but the island's natives will not accept it.

Ever since Mr Hardgrave pronounced the ruling to put a vote against the Norfolk's Legislative Assembly license, Gabrielle Beaumont, a Norfolk-based Nato medical students intern, has been campaigning to "block medical access to cannabis" and her petition has been supported by more than 14,000 subscribers in less than 36h.

"Whilst every public survey shows that most Australians are supporting the decriminalization of medically produced canabis, the GOA has just stopped the Norfolk Island community from cultivating it for health purposes," the petition says. Therapeutic Marijuana is lawful in parts of the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and 23 states in the United States.

A further petition by NSW mother Lucy Haslam to decriminalize medicinal cannabis for individuals such as her incurably ill child has triggered a bill that is to be examined in the state assembly. Members of the Bundestag are working on the bill for legalization in Australia, but Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton is still outstanding.

"It' no mystery that Norfolk Island is in serious economic trouble," she said. "There is an expanding international business and there are obviously Australians who need it and those who want it. TasCann Troy Langman Chief Executive Officer has come to Norfolk Island to join members of the rally to overturn the government's ruling.

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