Norfolk Island Latitude

Isle of Norfolk Latitude

Norfolk Island geographic coordinates. Located in a prime location in the centre of Norfolk Mall, this busy café benefits from the high number of visitors from locals and tourists. Latitude and longitude of the North People's Island. The cities on Norfolk Island are easy to reach: Maps of Norfolk Island, Australia.

Isle of Norfolk Latitude and LONGTH

1 towns in Norfolk Island are listed in our data base. Locate the town to get latitude and latitude co-ordinates. Latvia-long coordinate data for towns in Norfolk Island are within reach: Latitudes from -29.05459 to -29.05459 and longitudes from 167.96628 to 167.96628. If there are too many towns to appear in the dropdown menu (1 entries), click on the first one: city:

Breiteitengrad 29 - Norfolkinsel - Norfolkinsel property

Situated in the heart of Norfolk Mall, this bustling cafe benefits from the crowds of visitors from all over the world. There is room for 48 people and an ice-cream parlour, which is very appreciated by the schoolchildren. The cafe is well furnished and has many years of experience.

Isle of Norfolk Lat/Longitude

Latitude: The Norfolk Island flag: Notice that many counties extend across different timezones, so if you are looking for the global travel times to plan a meet or make a call, try looking for a specific town to get the locale there. Now is the date and hour in the centre of Norfolk Island at 15:16 on Monday, 9 July 2018.

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Geographical co-ordinates of Kingston, Norfolk Island. Width, length and height above Kingston Seaside

The co-ordinates are given in the WGS 84 co-ordinate system. Geographical co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) are used to determine a location on the earth's orbit. Co-ordinates are angle measurement unities. Canonically the latitude and longitude display uses degree (°), minute (?) and second (?). Frequently, GPS satellites use co-ordinates in degree and decimals or decimals.

The latitude ranges from -90° to 90°. Equator latitude is 0°; the latitude of the latitude of the South Pole is -90°; the latitude of the South Pole is 90°. The latitude corresponds to the geographical areas just northern of the equator (abbreviation N). Adverse latitudes are the geographical positions just below the equator (abbreviation S).

The degree of meridians is calculated from the zero point of meridians (IERS reference meridians for WGS 84) and ranges from -180° to 180°. Definite longitudes are the geographical latitudes lying eastwards of the zero meridian (abbreviation E). The degrees of latitude are the geographical latitudes lying to the western side of the zero meridian region (abbreviation W). The altitude above the surface is a measurement of the altitude of a geographical area.

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