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And Norfolk Island has a surprising number of things to do for such a small place, including:. About All That Jazz On Norfolk Island Norfolk Island Jazz Festival 2018 will once again feature a great selection of performers who perform in stunning backdrops, World Heritage Kingston among them, offering the ideal and intriguing setting for an entertaining and musician' s enjoyment. Top bands like The Jazz Factory from Australia, Stevenson's Rockets and Jazz 4 You as well as the Andrew London Trio from New Zealand complete the program.

There' will also be a performance by the Baunti Byuutis Island Dancers. For a long time Norfolk Island has been considered a great place to go on vacation with your relatives and your beloved ones, to flee with them, to enjoy the unique heat and friendliness of the locals who call this place their home and to be captivated by the nature, the fascinating story, the marvellous food, the innumerable adventure and the relaxed calmness of this little paradise.

Norfolk Island Travel Centre has launched a 7-day Norfolk Island Jazz Festival offer: Norfolk Island Jazz Festival offers per capita and per twins from $1099 ex-Brisbane December 1 - 8 and $1119 ex-Sydney November 30 - December 7 or December 3 - 10. The Jazz Packs cost $430 per seat reserved for all shows, include the official opening concert, an early night show and Banyan Tree supper, an afternoons show and Emily's Bay meal and an after-show party with the Stars Concert, a programme of souvenirs and a satchel.

To book, please call Christan Davies at the Norfolk Island Travel Centre at or call or 1400 66.

Jazzschaukeln under the Norfolk Islands

In the midst of a dazzling island backdrop, the feel-good weeks of swings, funky tunes and blue, nine shows featuring top jazz artists roaming the city. Under the direction of Australia's jazz great Vince Jones, the Norfolk Island Jazz in the Pines Festival 2007 also features the Wellington jazz group The Vipers under the direction of Josh and Adrienne Hindmarsh.

Included in the series are the Aussie artists Zenith New Orleans, Bruce Mathiske, Scat Man Du and Virna Sanzone. The festival takes place from December 2nd to 9th and Go Holidays offers a $1573 per capita tour from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Returns with Air New Zealand start at $1168 per passenger from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with transfer included.

Upgrading to full jazz is available for $290 per head. At Norfolk Island, Zenith New Orleans brings a mixture of Raag Times, Good Jazz and Blue and a record as Australia's most-visited jazz group. Australian Bruce Mathiske has been described as a genious guitarist and is returning to the Jazz in the Pines Festival with a number of well-known artists, among them jazz legends George Golla.

This Brisbane band has a range of sounds from ambience to funky and rhythm. In The Marquee the program will culminate on the last two evenings with appearances by Scat Man Du, Virna Sanzone, Bruce Mathiske and Vince Jones and Guests. Through Norfolk Island:

Today known as Norfolk Islanders, they make up the vast majority of the 1,800 inhabitants.

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