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Jobs, Sackungen and the public service of Norfolk Island

Honourable editor, in reaction to press releases of layoffs from Norfolk Island Communications (NIPS) personnel, CEO Peter Gesling told Radio New Zealand: NIPS had 149 civil service personnel in December 2015 (72 full-time equivalents, 40 temporary and 37 temporary workers with non-renewable contracts).

Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC), which will be a completely different organization after 1 July, will have an approximate 110 people. These two figures differ mainly in the present civil services whose tasks have been dismissed or outsourced from the civil services.

A few of these are current and fixed-term contracts: i) GST Office, Philatelic; ii) Shrinked - Waste Management, Works Depot, Forestry, Liquor Bond, Legal Services; iii) Commonwealth - Immigration, Customs, Quarantine, Social Services, Post Office (to and from Australia Post); iv) NIRC - Tourism.

The hospital will remain outside the NIRC infrastructure. I understand the NIRC transition as follows. If there is a slight or no shift in the roles they have exercised in comparison to those in the new organization and at the same levels, then he or she will pass (with a wage that may be lower than the current one, but cannot be higher).

When a significant shift in the roles occurs or the item is no longer needed, the staff member can either agree to resign or choose to remain with NIRC. When this latter is selected, an assessment of that person's abilities, etc. is used to determine whether an appropriate new roll in the NIRC organization diagram is available.

When this is not the case, the worker is considered potentially fired; if there is such a post and others are looking for it, then there will be a competitive environment for that one. When he/she succeeds in this contest, he/she may submit an application for an open post in a performance-related recruitment procedure or be made superfluous.

Temporary employees: If the roles in a new organization are needed after June 30, 2016, their agreement expires (agreements that expire after July 1, 2016), or a new agreement is put out to tender (if they expire before July 1, 2016). When they do not need a roll, they can be included in the ³cLegacy Employment Pool³d, provided they fulfil some earnings requirements, in which case they can be given short-term work.

Occasional workers, if their job in the new organization is necessary after July 1, 2016, may submit applications for other NIRC vacancies in a performance-based competition. With more than a fourth of the civil servants down, it is very likely that some workers will be penalised in their salaries or salaries or even lost their job against their will.

Those who are celebrating the free economy - the quest for an ever smaller government, less publicized delivery of goods and less "consumer costs" - will undoubtedly have much to celebrating in all these changes. This is not a position that I endorse, because the delivery of social welfare guarantees the stable functioning of the Union, a shared sense of identity and the establishment of important common assets.

This concern is made more pressing on small isles where people who are losing or being demoted are either boyfriends, coworkers or intimate young couple with kids and mortgage (like some of those involved in the current Norfolk-Island transition). It' tearing up the island's socio-economic structure.

The Norfolk Island Government Gazette of 13 May 2016 submitted candidatures for a new NIRC organisation with a combined 39 vacancies. Will the islands gain a competitive advantage in these areas? Requests for these posts are expected to have been made from outside Norfolk Island, but whether these persons have submitted or were allowed to submit an application is not known.

Some of these posts require skills that will make it hard for current employees to fulfil them, and the subject of education has hardly been mentioned. From the Norfolk Island Administration HR Policies and Procedures Manual we know that preference is given to nominees of the same merits from the residents of Norfolk Island.

However, in a predicament where the administration has dismissed organism in the time for fitness blandly wit message on Radio Norfolk, what cognition can location be in the way they output force? Within the NIRC organizational framework, these executives were renamed "team leaders" and a whole new layer of top executives was added.

There have been eight new vacancies in HR consulting in Australia and probably beyond, and it is assumed that there have been a number of recent recruiting interviews. 3. While the civil services have been reduced by a third, a swollen top level of administration is being added to the red tape, charging the NIRC over $1 million in payroll - more than the overall value of interest rate caps that the NIRC is likely to increase in 2017-18.

In other words, every new top-level executive should be remunerated by only about 120 council bays on Norfolk Island! The new NIRC's first task should be to check and dismiss these posts.

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