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Families planned until the end of June 2015: July 1, 2015, 4:48 a.m. Register for special offers. The Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment Act 2015. Every country has different rules on how it deals with drug policy.

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Christian Dietschin - NZ Travel Brokers, Sandra Rasmussen - United Travel Bethlehem, Tony Fernandez - The Travel Brokers, Claudia Biedermann - Helloworld, Ross McLauchlan (représentant de NI Tourism NZ) Desiree Dick - Infinity Holidays, Sarah Germann - Jo Prevett Travel, John Backhouse -United Travel, Lisa Swanepoel - House of Travel, Papamoa, und vorne Mohammed Khan - Travelpoint.

Many thanks to all those who offered trips and activites and who took the chance to exchange their experiences with them. I' had an astonishing period on Norfolk and was agreeably amazed with my customers' experiences, will definitely recommend an enormous occasion to Norfolk Island, which has been on my bucket schedule for a long period of me, I relished every moment and what your teams were able to do with us, the family was a great one in the website on the product in Norfolk which we can enjoy with our customers, especially the gulf and the bush walk.

She was told by Efrosini to get two really funny tales of her attendance (the latter is very food-oriented and would also work more closely at the island's November festival of food) and a thousand pictures, Norfolk is a photographer's heaven (so much so that my kind direction complains that he had too much to do!).

At Norfolk, a very unique place, they are very nice and grateful to everyone who helped her and gave her the chance to see him up close. Last months Lea Tucker (PR representative for Aspen Skis Co.) traveled with her boyfriend Craig Tansley and provided a brief story and pictures.

Norfolk is the quaint island with intriguing story, scenic beauty and sea adventure to explore. Says she had a great laugh and will promote the island to her family! Mindfood Magazin - a family of publications. There is also a target campaign scheduled in the journal and will be announced shortly.

Craig Tansley, a free-lance travelling author, was on the island last week-end. Sadly the wheather was not good for his Phillip Island trip and kayak. One of the highlights was the simultaneous visit of the tortoise, cetacean, and raindrop! He is writing for many of Australia's most renowned papers and journals - his Norfolk history will be featured in the Sunday Telegraph's Escape journey section over the next few month.

Many thanks to Rachel and Lyndon for their friendship in the Rachel and Lyndon Villas and to all the locals who helped with this family. Lea's highlights were the island's delicacies and cleanness. Recently a group of 8 Escape agency representatives came to see what the island has to show for a vacation.

The Escape Traveller is a marketer for the domestic food industry and the infant boom group. These families were joined with a large wholesale dealer who organised the local lodging and sightseeing. Known in Australia for his extensive understanding of the world of music he has authored and published a number of journalist' essays on the subject of pop culture, travelling, interviewed prominent people, led groups and supported concert touring.

In 1995, he was named Australia's first Australian writer of the year by the Australian Society of Tour Writers and won the prize again in 2000. We' re looking forward to Glenn travelling with Suzanne Prentice, Normie Rowe and John Rowles from 10 to 20 July. Coca Cola live starts on NI, take a refreshing rest on Norfolk Island, try NI by request, ring the bell at NI (Christmas in July) and flee to NI during the next vacation.

Backed by a TV commercial, website, social advertising and in-store promotion. Vacation offers begin at $919. - The latest NZ Island Time magazin - NZ Herald 19/4 "Travel island" by Dionne Christian, who was visiting a familiy in January. - Around 360 Experience" Luxury Travels - Fall issue.

It was great to meet Lauren Bath, the head cook became a photo and photo artist and communicator of influenza! Self-employed travelling author Craig Tansley is visiting Norfolk next weekend. He has traveled to over 60 different places to research reports, one of them a trip to Pitcairn Island and this will be his second trip to Norfolk. He has interviewed some of the world's most famous celebrities, such as Mick Jagger, Dave Grohl, Lenny Kravitz, Gene Simmons and Heath Ledger.

Norfolk Island Tourism became a member of Other South Pacific Isles in 2014. AtSP organizes trainings and seminars to train agencies throughout Australia. These features allow agencies to personally arrange meetings with sales reps and find out about a number of island locations in one place.

For 2015, ToSP has started again with its first launch in Melbourne last months. The Extremfischer Matt Watson and his ITM fishery show crews came to Norfolk last year and the first show was shown shortly afterwards. Is Norfolk Island a secluded island, so where do the Norfolk fishers go if they want to "go away"?

They' re going to the even more secluded Phillip Island and building a fisherman's cottage, and they're taking Matt with them to see a new landfishing lifestyle, unbelievable spearfishing in the dark green waters, and then there are the shark tigers! Families planned until the end of June 2015:

Family New Zealand Travelling Agency, Escape Travelling Agencies, Mindfood Magazin, Freelance Travelling Writer from Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. The year 2014/15 is the best year we have had for the tourist sector in the last five years and reflects the effort of the last three years in the areas of advertising, PR and sectordevelopments.

Norfolk Island Tourism has also worked to expand sales channel, build stronger wholesaling and airline relationships, increase niche marketing opportunity and support the creation of new venues to maximize the number of places available on the island, as described in the Norfolk Island Strategic Plan 2013-2023.

For EVERYONE involved in achieving further expansion through the arrival of airlines, the challenges now lie in the seasonal nature and the capability of Norfolk Island to grow in the period between May and September when airline capacities are available. Although visitor numbers are the sector's main indicators, it is important for all parties to acknowledge that the NIGTB contribution provides a number of results described in the Norfolk Island Tourism Strategic Plan 2013-2023, the NIGTB 2-year action plan and the NIGTB 2-year budgetary year.

The first planned revision of the Norfolk Island Government Tourist Bureau (NIGTB) plans, results and measurements for 2013-2015 in the Norfolk Island Tourism Strategic Plan 2013-2023 is also now available. Make a refreshing stop on Norfolk Island, try some of the best foods on Norfolk Island, Anzac Day centenary, visitor numbers are rising, Country Musical Festivals.

  • It is Tracey Spicer "Mama Holidays" that has placed Norfolk in the top 50 family vacation spots. - A radio 2GB promotion with a CTA Vacation dealer. - Whole-page ad "Live and Invest" Pensioners' Journal March 2015. - National Zilan Time Review - NZ Herald - NI Another country" (Country Musical Festival) Eli Orzessek attended a family for the 2014 edition of the NZ Herald-Fest.

A successful female photgrapher on the much-loved Instagram platform, Lauren Bath has become one of the leading photographers. Lauren, with over 200,000 fans, saw great opportunity in early 2013 and announced her resignation to become Australia's first instagram artist, a career that she has gained through her capacity to monetise her online exposure and instagram photograph.

It is Lauren who will come next months to "talk" about Norfolk every day through her own messaging channel. Norfolk Island Tourism's Facebook page now has over 15,400 fans, thank you! Become a member of NI Tourism on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. A great place to unwind and refuel, a very nice place, look forward to the return, good gulf, folks are fantastic, great story, spend most of the times in Emily Bay, need mopeds rental and quads touring, launch Masters Softball and I can return my crew, hiking in the graveyard was our favorite thing, nice and neat, empty stores, finite amount of locals products available, client services needs to be improved.

  • Promotional 2GB broadcast with a CTA Vacation dealer. - Target-ad in the journal Mining Life and Living. - Mobile magazine - May edition 7 pages of Adam Woodhams. - Iland''Island's Richard Bounty'' d'Angela Saurine. - Whole-page advertisement "Live and Invest" The Pensioners' Journal March 2015.

Reception of NI Tourism to Inside History Magazin author Sarah Trevor for this weeks event, thanks to Governors Lodge and Large Lesaf Vilas, the NI Museums and the NI Traveller Centre for the accommodations and program. We' re also looking forward to seeing Margaret Brown and her boy David, who have won a vacation contest in the same magazin and need to enter a picture and information about their first ancestors.

Margaret's lodging is funded by Day Dreamer Apartments, Borry's Auto and the NI Museum and Center's Jubilee Program. The Radio Taranki - NZ - gift for a public holidays and promotional campaign for destinations is now finished. Nonola Maclean (Promotion Manager) reported that she had a good number of submissions and the winner plan to leave later in the year.

As for Norfolk Island's popularity - considering that we have been talking about it every single night for a whole week, as well as the publicity campaigns you ran on our other six channels, I'm sure it would have increased the NorfolkIsland image in our listeners' heads.

The Ukulelele 13-17 September, a new edition has been scheduled, requests to the Travel Centre. FMX Challenge 2015 has been approved for Friday, December 18th, requests to Burnt Pine Travel. July Christmas Exciting new from Trade Travel that on Jonica's suggestion for Unique Tourism Collection, the well-known Aussie musical historyian Glen A Baker will be the MC for the Concert Avenue.

From July 11 to 18, 2015, Suzanne Prentice, John Rowles, Normie Rowe and other artist will be present. FREE as well, is a 2-page industry entry on the Norfolk Island website. au You take care of your own contents, pictures and up-dates. The picture shows a group of New Zealand tour operators and employees who were on the island last Sunday to Tuesday.

Accompanied by Ross McLauchlan of the Bureau of Oceania Tourist, the family focused on "There's more on Norfolk Island", thanks to Paradise Hotel & Resort for the lodging, Eldoo Car Rentals & Borrys for the coaches. Thanks also to all your fellow travel agents who offer free or reduced price trips and activites and for the free or reduced trips and for your sharing your experience and know-how with the group; your continued generosity is highly valued.

Thanks a lot for some great holidays on the beautiful Norfolk Island! I' ve learned so much and I can't wait to get back, you really are living in paradise, I think the greatest learner for me is that there is so much more to do in Norfolk than I thought I would like to stay there for 7 nights or more.

Just love everything about the island and the profound story it has. WATAWHEHY ORLYI watawhehy orlyi and a big welcome to all our guests, Norfolk Island Tourism (NIT) agents have recently participated in the Flight Centre travelling fairs in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland to promote the island as an excellent vacation area.

Among the exhibiting countries were Air New Zealand and other carriers, national and foreign flights, inflinity vacations, watercruisers, passenger & cargo trips and group trips. In the showrooms, travelling workshops were given and great trade fair offers could be made. Rather than the standard 3 x 3m stand used at earlier exhibitions, the NIT had a free-standing display showing a choice of heroic pictures (see photo), which was in the South Pacific Island Harbor together with Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu and was very easy to use with those who could mix and ask question without the limitations of the stand panels.

Oceania Tourism's Ross in Auckland reported that participation in the 2 leg of 17000 was an 14% rise over 2014, and the 90 minute 90 minute flight from Auckland was a good sales argument. As Jonica from Unique Tourism in Sydney points out, the two-day fair in Sydney was also very well attended, with good inquiries and many visitors who had seen the coastal TV program that had aroused their interest.

Large daily specials from $308 per double room per week, that was for 7 nights, just adding flight. In the second picture you can see Sarah Cross, Flight Centre Assistent Manger and Gemma with the new Norfolk Destinations prospect. A few of the most frequent issues from people: What is there to do during their trip, where to remain and what are the choice of lodging, costs of a vacation deal, how big is the island and I really need a cheap automobile!

Travelling fairs are well visited and well organized, and the NIT is hoping to be back again in 2016. AOT Group is working with Sun Loves Holiday, Air New Zealand holidays and Territory Discoveries and has just published the new 15/16 Norfolk Island prospect. Family members come from the Brisbane and Melbourne offices and it was great to see Debbie Cox, the QLD and NT Business Development Manager and the wholesalers:

Thanks also to all your fellow travel agents who offer free or reduced price trips and activites, and for the free or reduced tour and activity times and expertise you share with the group; your continued generosity is well-received. It' definitely been a great learning process, our know-how about the island has grown dramatically. I can' t wait to come back, maybe for the country song fest, we've all fell in love with Norfolk Island and I know we'll send you many, many people!

  • continue to advertise in Out and About with Kids Magazin with Escape Traveller, promote 2015 vacation for families, vacation offers for a four (4) families of $1999. - With the Pink Media Group, printed, edited, online and website promotion via Out and About journey in Sydney started in January and will continue until March.
  • Islake time NZ Journal - New March/April update. - Broadcaster 2GB promotional ad with a wholesale CTA Vacation Mare. - A promotional gift for holidays and destinations has begun: New Zealand Taranki Station. - Targets in the Mining Life and Living journal. - News "Big Norfolk Blue" articles by Ian Mann.
  • Advertise with KAVHA & NI Museums in National Heritage journal. In celebration of the HMS Sirius jubilee next months, Inside History hosted a vacation contest in which the reader had to publish a photograph of their forebears to take part in the contest. The happy winners, Margaret Brown travels to the festivities with her boy David.

The NI Museums, the Day Dreamer Apartment, the Travelling Centre and the NI Museums for the generous provision of the entries. IH traveller Sarah Trevor will be visiting a family of journalists for the festivities and we look forward to getting to know them all. FREE as well, is a 2-page industry entry on the Norfolk Island website. au You take care of your own contents, pictures and up-dates.

It is open 7 working day a day a week, employees handle requests from holidaymakers and respond to requests via the website and via online channels. In order to make sure that the corrections information is always available, please inform your personnel about any changes in your tourist business, e.g. opening times, cancellation, prices, updates, changes in routes, etc. Thank you.

NI Tourism Destinations 2015/16 is now available from our printer, we will let you know when it is available. The New Zealand industrial family. Oceania Tourism's Ross, Auckland' representative for tourism, has issued an invitations to agencies to join a family of destinations. It will take 2 days for the group to return via Brisbane, scheduled for early March.

Emphasis of the route is on "There is more on Norfolk Island" and understanding of what the island has to offer to market niches, e.g. family, gentle adventures, cultural heritages, gourmets. The Norfolk Island Tourism will have a stand at the Brisbane Flight Center Exposition (Convention and Exhibition Center - South Bank) from 10.00 to 16.00 next week-end from 21 to 22 February.

There' will be great offers for your stay at the exhibition, which you can reserve at the weekends. - Continuing to advertise in Out and About with Kids Magazin with Escape Traveller, promotion of 2015 Vacation for Families, vacation offers for a four (4) families of $1999. - Published/edited, on-line and website promotion with the Pink Media Group via Out and About journey in Sydney started in January and will continue until March.

  • Co-operates with the Travel Centre in the promotion of cultural activities and Festivities. Readings start on February 9th and last 2 to promote an exhilarating vacation offer that will include flight, accommodations and many great all-inclusives. Generously supported by Scenic Villa's and numerous NZ companies, Bob Little has created a great promotional gift for New Zealand Media, which is broadcast on 7 Taranaki radios and reaches 50,000 viewers every Week.

At the same times, there is a funny action in which a 7-day vacation price is raffled off. The NI Tourism sponsors 2 x air prizes for the happy winner. ANELLA SURINE - Daily Telegraph free-lance author and girlfriend of Troy!

She has already post via Facebook and her first episode was published in Tele November 28 th, Angela has another episode planned for Best Weekend on February 21st. Fairfax journalist Tracey Spicer visits NI in October 2014 and reports on NI's online magazine and website "Women going places".

It is Tracey's hope that a printed version will be released in early 2015. In September 2014 Tatyana Leonov paid a visit and has been listed in the Traveller and SMH website NI in the Friendliest Country section on SMH via SMH and Facebook. Tatyana has contributed to Sunday Life and confirmed an article in Outback Magazin for May 2015.

Susan Borham - editor of Luxury Travel Magazin, recently came to visit with her wife and daughter and will publish her article in the April 2015 edition. Get up and Go editor Bev Malzard was on the island last week-end, during her visit Bev reported every day on various aspects of corporate publishing and will be writing her article for the April edition.

The Inside History magazin's Sarah Trevor - Traveller will be reaffirmed during the HMS Sirius Walking Jubilee from March 16-23. We are looking forward to the winner, who will be writing a play for the mag. It' great to have recently bumped into the 2 NZ family on the island for a family of medium.

They are both writing for NZ Fairfax medias. The NI Tourism Facebook page fired over 12,000 likelihood shots with the amazing material and pictures posed and sharing during the NOC on the Rock! Watch out for the next funny publicity event with our amazing film material now available to the Bureau.

Become a member of NI Tourism on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Recently, NI Tourism supported NICMA and the Travel Center with a stand at the Tamworth Country Musical Festivals to further support the NI Country Musicfestival. and Chrissy had a very working weekend, with a great interest in the island and the CM Festiva.

Picture shows Chrissy at the stand, with guys who want to get the vacation for 2! The Norfolk Island at the Flight Centre Exposition today and more! Today Norfolk Island Tourism will have a stand at the Sydney Flight Centre Exposition (Sydney Olympic Park Showground) and the Auckland Flight Centre Exposition (ASB Showground Greenlane), free admission, open on both dates from 10am to 4pm.

There' will be great offers for your holidays at the Exposition, which you can reserve at the weekends. Last week-end, during her press trip, editor Bev Malzard found the opportunity to take an audio-tape with Tania and present some of her favorite Sunday show prescriptions. Customize in more to see how you can get an annual pass to Get Up and Go Magazin, a 50+ year old and more.

What a great way to get started in 2015 with Air New Zealand sales! There are currently available from Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney at low fares from $799 for 7 nights + all-inclusive. Sales are advertised via web sites, online marketing, wholesale and in business with tour operators.

  • Susan Borham - Editor-in-Chief of Luxury Traveller Journal, Susan went on a working vacation with 10 members of her families and mates. Norfolk features are published on 3-4 pages in the April edition. - UETE BUNKER - Freelance journalist for FAFAX medias (Financial review, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald) visits this weekends, with emphasis on nutrition, lifestyles & gentle adventures.
  • Be maltingard - editor of Get Up and GO mag, will be re-elected from January 23-26 - New Zealand Woman's Day - Jessica Ault is coming for a 7-day familiy-oriented group. Recently, WD advertised a promotional gift for a vacation with the whole families and the winner has not yet been determined. - New Zealand-head of staff of Fairfax Medien (The Dominion Post, the Press & nz) David Gadd arrived at the company for a 7-day familiy-oriented team.
  • The children's newsletter "Beautiful Emily Bay - Frühlingsausgabe. - Inside history, a vacation contest for the jubilee of the HMS Sirius in March 2015. Dividing a picture of their forefathers gives the reader the opportunity to be a champion and have their picture on the frontispiece.
  • Wonder in the Beauty four pages in Pensioners Magazin, summers. - The Road Ahead mag Dec/Jan 2015. - Why NI" January 2015 is a good story. - A natural beauty of NI" The Brisbane Airports Magazin Dec/Jan 2015. - Houstat magazine - Classified ad.
  • Una-covered Norfolk Travel Bulletin Nov/Dec 2014. - On Location Magazin, Sommeredition. There are 9 videoclips, 9 seconds long, which give folks a fast insight into our island. Norfolk Island Tourism's Facebook page now has over 10,000 fans, thank you!

Watch our videoclip to say thank you and wish everyone a Happy Christmas, created and featuring the NI Tourism Head! Become a member of NI Tourism on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. The Norfolk Island Tourism has approved the participation in the following exhibitions: 31 Jan - 1 Feb ASB Exhibition Center in Greenlane, Sydney 31 Jan - 1 Feb, Sydney Exhibition Center and Brisbane 21-22 February, Convention & Exhibition Centres.

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