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Brisbane from Norfolk Island - Norfolk Island Forum Hi, I'm going to Norfolk Island this weekend. I' ve been asked to buy some liquor for someone who's been to Norfolk before and I want to get several cans of kirsch that can only be purchased on Norfolk. So, I'm not taking any booze to Norfolk, but I'll have some.

And I can see that I can return 2.25 liters of booze duty-free. He asked me to use the funds he had given me to buy several vials of the brandy he wanted. How can I find out how much this article on Norfolk will cost before I go there and then find out how much inches I will have to foot when I arrive in Brisbane?

But I don't really want to get drunk, so please only if you have information about the question I asked, or if you know where I can find out, that would be very welcome, thank you. Hello Kerry, I have checked the customs information on the border control website and it is very frightening as the customs duties are based on the amount of booze contained in the beverage, the kind of beverage and so on.

I would be willing in your footwear to electronic communication them and ask for their judgment, which could also stronghold you as it is worked out on your accomplishment position in Australia. Also keep in mind that if you take more than the 2.25l, you will have to inch all of it to be paid.

So why not take your duty-free to Australia and spare yourself the trouble of paying customs and dung? This means you can buy a few cylinders and not have to be worried. Probably because the boyfriend doesn't come to Norfolk Island much and Kerry doesn't either, and the boyfriend wants to take this chance to buy a unique Australian item.

Every year we go somewhere, we are asked to take alcohol with us.

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