Niihau shell Necklace for Sale

Shell Necklace Niihau for sale

See stock photo of Niihau Shell Necklaces for sale at the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo Hawaii. Genuine vintage Hawaiian Niihau Shell Lei necklace. At the beginning of the year the bishop's museum had a Niihau-Muschel-Lei exhibition. Made with Momi & Kahelelani shells from the island of Niihau. Riyadh Niihau Momi, Laiki & Kahelelani Poepoe Bowl.

Shell Lei Niihau - Kauai Forum

"Kauaihiker " -- Kahhelelani mussels are indeed a kind of Ni'ihau mussels and are much appreciated -- but there are many, many different kinds besides kahhelelani as well -- the Momi mussels (of which there are 48 different kinds) that you mention and some of the many others are: Laziki-also known as paddy bowls, look like grain of grain of rice.

The khelelani "the kingly walking" were so called because they were used by chieftains in earlier time. At least 80 kinds of cahelelani bowls are available. The Kamoa - or turbo-shell - is also used in the production of Ni'ihau lead. The name Poleho or "night cowry" Poeho is also the name of a site on Ni'ihau.

apu' upu' u - "bumpy laiki" or long bowl of riceba. olepes - "shell" - is often used for the production of ly. Not even the bowls used to close the silence or the bowls used to end the silence. You can see there are only a barrel of mussels.

First of all, they are from the Philippines, as are most of the Shell Quis that can be seen in profusion here. that their Quis look "just like them" and they do not understood how the Ni'ihau Quis were so scarce and precious!

But come on, look at a Hilo Hattie Lei and look at a Ni'ihau lei -- pretty big deal, no?


Ni'ihau Shell Lei and Na Mea Hawai'i are delighted to provide this occasion to acquire several precious and exclusive Ni'ihau Shell Lyre from prestigious Hawai'i Crafters. Ni'ihau Shell Leis is a complicated, personalized, hand-sewn eternal shell made from the small seashells that inhabit the shores of Ni'ihau Island, and each jewel is original, thanks to the choice of seashells and the craftsman who makes them.

Ni'ihau mussels are the only mussels recognised by gemmologists as precious stones, and therefore they are also the only mussels that can be insured as delicate jewellery. This offer is only available through the Arts Alliance. The revenue from this sale will go directly to the Hawai'i Arts Alliance's art and education programmes.

Since his childhood Kai has been intrigued by Ni'ihau Mussels. Though not from Ni'ihau, his craftmanship and passion for mussels are inspirational. Manufactured in the stile of bivalve molluscs ( "kipono"), Kai's chokers are a modern ruby pearl body and have been created after a 100 year old body that he renovated on the island of Hawaii.

Laiki, or "rice" type loo, are the most tradional of Ni'ihau hairdressing; sleek, stylish, with a complete attention to the shell. The 18 " Leis is refined with a classical cowrie shell.

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